Visit to Guangzhou

I’ve finally found the time to update the blog following the renovation of our site. I was fortunate enough to visit our manufacturer in China recently and work through the garments we plan to release over the remainder of this year and early 2016.

Since I haven’t been to the Middle Kingdom before, I thought it a good idea to at least learn some of the lingo before I went. So after 8 weeks of tutoring and several hundred dollars lighter in the back pocket, I was able to fluently say thanks, thank you, hello, where is the bathroom, I am Australian and a phrase that loosely translated into ‘I am just a poor wage earner’.

Since I have a detail oriented personality bordering on anal retentive, I also arranged to have an interpreter (Jenny) on standby as well. The good news is, Jenny was sensational in terms of translation, the bad news is she confirmed my Mandarin was pretty close to useless. Oh well, we live and learn.

China is an incredible place to visit and I was surprised just how western it appeared within areas we stayed. Plenty of luxury cars on the road with Porsche Cayenne being one of the most popular! Cabs were another matter and they seem to be the same around the world. A trip through peak hour traffic was a heart stopping sphincter workout from start to finish, with other road users passing within inches of our Hyundai!

I also had the opportunity to learn about the various shopping districts within the city. Each district is made up of stores that pretty much just sell the same type of product. So the watch district sells every kind of watch, the picture framing district is a line of stores selling different frames and parts. While I managed to see the Jade, shoe, pet, musical instrument and technology markets, I was of course, most interested in the underwear market.

And it is incredible! A lane way of bras, undies, things and stockings and very little else. Unfortunately everything is made for Chinese sizing so pretty much useless for the average Australian or American sized woman. This is replicated for all the clothes markets that I found. I had hoped to pick up a few business shirts while in China since that’s where most are made. Unfortunately I’m a Medium in Australia and not even an XXXL shirt could come close to fitting me in any of the stores!

The time spent with our manufacturer was priceless however, and despite the language barrier, we spent a full day together planning styles and fabrics based on our earlier drawings. The great thing about being in the factory was having samples completed within minutes of completing each pattern. It was nice to meet with the staff and get to know the business which is still quite small but growing rapidly.

In total we have seven new styles to come with up to four new garments per style. This year will see bra and brief sets with the addition of either a cami, teddy and even a skirt!

Rachel will be our first release and she is due towards the end of June.

China Visit

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New online store up and running

I have often heard that most new businesses fail in the first five years. So it’s pleasing to know that not only are we now in our sixth year of operation, HommeMystere continues to grow and the outlook is bright.

It was time for us to upgrade our online store and website to reflect the HommeMystere label. After some teething problems, checking our systems and trialing as many areas as possible, we are confident the store is ready for just about anything!

The continuing growth and success of HommeMystere comes down to having an absolute passion for what we’re doing, a keen interest in all things business related, and most importantly, a very loyal and interested customer base. I’m sure lingerie for guys will continue to be somewhat of a niche product for years to come, but in a global environment, even the smallest niche can encompass a huge number of people.

We are forever grateful to our clients for the support we receive and the opportunity to pursue our passion, lingerie.

View our latest Media Release.

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Valentine’s Day lucky for plenty of men!

It’s been an absolutely crazy couple of weeks for us here at HommeMystere following a successful Valentine’s Day sales period!

While Valentine’s Day has been a growing period for us over the past few years, we were barely prepared for the deluge of orders received in the few final days before February 14th.

Combined with the huge popularity of Genevieve and the late arrival of Monique, 2015 is showing all the signs of being another great year for lingerie loving men.


So what’s in store for the remainder of this year? Well , we have between 15 and 20 pieces planned with most of them being bra & brief sets – though be prepared for a couple of new styles as well. Anyone that follows our Pinterest or Tumblr feeds will have a fairly good indication of what’s in store this year.

We are running out of stock on a few of our more popular lines so one of our priorities will be to introduce a couple of similar lines. Thongs are not as popular as panties, but we’ll still be bringing something out that I’m sure you will love.


We can’t wait to get started!

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Another beautiful girl on the way

It’s only been a few weeks since Genevieve arrived and our next bra and panty set is due to land at HommeMystere HQ in another couple of weeks.



As with our other garments, we’re searching for a name and our subscribers are certainly providing plenty of options! I guess the free set on off was always destined to provoke an avalanche of emails.



As with our recent trend, we have again suggested women’s names will be favoured over other options. It’s far more fun wrapping up Genevieve, Lucy and Annabelle in comparison to Retro Gold (and I lurrrrve Retro Gold too!)

Some of the names sent in so far include (in no particular order)-

  • Scarlett (several times)
  • Carmen
  • Marie-Rose
  • Sharon
  • Valerie
  • Romy
  • Fiona
  • Angie/Angela (& and thanks for the nice comments Sham – yes I am awesome. And modest. But flattery will only get you so far..:) )
  • Andrea
  • Cherie
  • Lucille (& there’s no chance we’ll be selling through Amazon any time soon Billy but keep an eye on the store for an upcoming reno that will include one of your suggestions)
  • Valentina (many times)
  • Zoey
  • Desiree Collection
  • Kandy
  • Champei
  • Sierra/Serra
  • Vanessa
  • Cherry Delite
  • Tatyana/Tatiana
  • Kristine
  • Charlotte
  • Cynthia
  • Jennifer
  • Monique
  • Sweetheart
  • Juliette
  • Anastasia
  • Sofia/Sophia
  • Debra/Deborah
  • Marilyn
  • Blitzen
  • Ruby (multiple times)
  • Dolores
  • Lara
  • Cerise
  • Morrigan
  • Ruby
  • Catherine
  • Shobhana
  • Disha
  • Valerie
  • Cloe
  • Stacy
  • Rosalia
  • Kimberly
  • Linda
  • Delilah

That’s it so far and the Winner is…………………………………………MONIQUE! Thanks to Andrew from Australia for the suggestion his fee set will ship asap!


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Reflecting on 2014

A new year and a time to reflect a little on what we’ve accomplished. Over the past 12 months HommeMystere has introduced several new styles. The include the

Heart set


Lovely set with a panty based on the Rose pattern and bra similar to the Scrunchy



The soft Vixen bra and panty set. We placed a dyed sheer lining in the panty to stop the lace from ‘catching’!



Our first very high cut brief made with the lightweight sheer and lace over gold sections. Better than those granny panties you used to love!



We decided to begin naming our lingerie after women and have our subscribers make the suggestions. Also our first panty with detachable garter belts.



Lucy is our first attempt at something a little sexier than our usual styles. A peekaboo bra and crotchless panty let’s everything hang out. More popular than we anticipated



Elise is our most recent set and our first attempt at a pullover style bra. While the bra is lovely to wear, the sizing variations are reduced due to the lack of adjustment

It’s great introducing new styles and trying new lingerie. Guys that ‘get’ what we do will be insanely jealous they don’t have the opportunity to try so many different styles and variations made just for them.

But the nature of our business is that once we sell out of something we don’t go back to it. So this year we’ve also said goodbye to most of the Fun range with just a few camisoles remaining. The Fun range was one of our earlier styles and comprised a padded bra, high cut brief, teddy and cami. Time to move on..


The Fun range was exactly that – Fun!

We’ve also said goodbye to our China Doll bras in XL and a couple of our Small size panties.

Our next release is Genevieve and she was due here in December. Hopefully we’ll have some more info on her soon as we also need to begin preparing our releases for 2015!

HommeMystere continues to grow as a business (with sales increasing yet again this past calender year!) and also in the maturity of the designs. Through the continued support of our customers and visitors , we have been able to expand our lines and ensure that lingerie for men is here for the long term.

We’d like to wish everyone the best for 2015. May your panties not be bunched, your bra straps remain firmly on your shoulders and your wives/girlfriends/boyfriends/significant others be tolerant and accepting of your chronic lingerie addiction!


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Say it with Satin

It’s that time again already! ?We’re preparing for the arrival of our next set which is due on sale in early December. ?As usual, we have sent out a Newsletter asking for name suggestions and have received a pretty good response so far!

Satin Garter and Panty


Unfortunately there was a typo in the Newsletter which made it a little challenging to send the name suggestion, but most of our guys are working around it…

The satin set includes a full brief, garter and a bra. ?This is our first time developing a garter so it will be interesting to see what what our customers think of it.

Satin Bra


The Satin bra is a fairly standard design, though we have tried to develop this one to allow for some genuine support for guys that are looking for something more. ?It will only stretch to a ‘B’ cup, but is comfortable enough to wear all day. ?Men with Gynecomastia that are ok with something a bit lacy may find this helpful. ?Or guys that like to add ‘chicken fillets’ will also be impressed with this bra!

Satin Panty


Some of the name suggestions we’ve received so far include

Grace, Whitney, Katelyn, Savannah, Marisa, Stella, Isabella, Vanessa, Susan, Bonny Blue, Susie, Delilah, Mary-Beth, Kristine, Simone, Misti, Bianca, Julie, Dolly, Marie, Celine, Sirona, Rachel, Crystal, Esterella, Danielle, Penelope, Bettie/Betty, Genevieve, Robin/Robyn, Delilah, Mary, Blue Jay Collection, Heidi, Bella, Jazelle, Jenny, Serenity, Gabrielle, Daphne, Blue Belle, Lana, Elma, Debby, Camilla, Colleen, Brook, Alison, Angela, Amelia, Felicity, Fiyza, Frankia, Emily, Parisienne, Fleur, Britney, Sybil, Salma, Sapphire


And the winner is…. Genevieve! ?We had two subscribers suggest the same name and both will receive a complete set when it arrives at our Australian warehouse.

Thanks to all our subscribers for submissions

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Trans Women Lingerie

So I’m perusing the web and stumble across the blog post at the Lingerie Addict?and felt the need to respond. ?My reply wasn’t meant to offend anyone and if it did, well I apologise.

The transcript of my response is below.

“Strangely enough, and though I’m loathe to repeat myself, we never set out to challenge anyone or anything at any time. HommeMystere began simply because I couldn’t find lingerie that I liked and that would fit comfortably enough that it could be worn for more than ten minutes without becoming unbearable.
Despite the assertion that ‘men who crossdress get all this beautiful lingerie to choose from’, the reality is simply not true. Sure there’s plenty of beautiful lingerie about but very little of it will actually fit a guy!
The reality is the market for men’s lingerie is small, even on a global scale. All our garments are manufactured to the highest quality / best price matrix that I think is reasonable based on the anticipated demand for each new line.
I can only imagine how tiny the trans women market must be for lingerie. I suspect it would not be remotely viable as a business based on the required economies of scale to establish and grow a new business.
As the owner of HommeMystere, I have never pretended to do anything other than create lingerie that fits men. Nothing more and nothing less. The reason we target our lingerie towards men is because that is the market I understand. I am my own best customer because I have been doing this for 30 years before starting the business. It would be remiss of me to advertise towards the transgender community when I have no knowledge of that market.
As for the criticism of Chrysalis, I think it reflects a deep lack of understanding about business ? on the part of the customers. I have never been in touch with the owners of Chrysalis but I feel they have been treated quite harshly by the customer group they are trying to serve. Rather than criticise the Label, perhaps some support and constructive advice would help all achieve their goals. A viable business and nice lingerie!
I certainly take a conciliatory approach with our own customers because they are like family to me. We share the love of lingerie and while I get to make the final decision, if I have a question on anything from style to color to name, I know I can ask several thousand customers and receive a considered response.
The trans community needs to speak up a little louder, start something for themselves or support businesses like Chrysalis that are trying to break new ground.
As for the whole rude ignorant salesperson at the lingerie store, we’ve all encountered that kind of thing. There are plenty of store owners that are more than happy to address whatever your requirements. You just have to keep looking until you find the right one.
I am in this business because I absolutely love lingerie. Everything from the design phase to the samples, photographs to conversing with the guys. I do it because I love it and each new sale is a vindication that the first few years of struggle and criticism from the naysayers was worth it. To Chrysalis, Herroom?and any others in a niche market having a go, I say good on you and I hope you have every success.”

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The cycle of guilt

Any guy that’s into lingerie has no doubt wrestled with the guilt associated with wearing something ‘they’re not supposed to’.? What drives that guilt?? Probably the same thing that drives the urge to wear the lingerie in the first place.? The first time is pretty exciting, but so very wrong! So you avoid it for a while until the temptation becomes too great and then BANG!? You’re wearing panties again.

You don’t understand why you are compelled to do it over and over again, but the feeling is divine.? Sound familiar?? You’re not alone.? This is pretty much what we all go through at the beginning of our cycle of guilt.? Eventually you come to an uneasy truce with your conscience regarding your lingerie wearing ways.? Like a smoker that can ‘give up any time’ after a 30 year habit, you tell yourself you’re not really addicted.

You decide to just let yourself go for a while.? Just wear the odd pair that you find appealing.? Then you’re out shopping ? sweating bullets while you peruse the aisles in search of the perfect panty.? Wide crotch, no centre seam, stretch both ways.? You spy something that looks great and is possibly in your size and go for it. ?Nonchalantly strutting around the lingerie section, you’re gaining confidence now.? Might as well take advantage of the situation eh?? No point buying one pair.? May as well go hard and be embarrassed once instead of having to come back next week!

But you don’t have much cash and cash is King right?? Can’t have the wife finding out you’re buying lingerie and not giving it to her!? If only she was the same size.? Ugh!? Oh well, this will have to do.? You slide over to the checkout with your head held high.? You don’t give a damn what the lady there thinks.? Even though you think she knows you’re buying for yourself.? Just tell her your wife is ‘about the same size as you’.? Bet she’s never heard that one before.

She tells you to ‘have a nice day’ which is cute because you know you’re going to have an effing AWESOME day as soon as you get home.? But you just smile and say ‘thanks, you too’ and try not to run out of the store.

It’s done now.? You have the lingerie in the bag and you’re out the door.? You wish you could just teleport yourself home and try these suckers on right?? But you can’t so you resign yourself to getting in the car, and opening up the parcel, ripping off the paper and feeling the fabric.

Goddam, it’s like being high!? Just the anticipation of getting home and trying on this lingerie is getting you worked up!? And you get home. You try them on.? They’re perfect.? You love it.

Then the guilt sets in.

You place the lingerie in the box under the spanner set in the back shed where no one else ever goes. You realise just how much of a collection you have and begin to question whether you really can give up as easily as you thought. ?Wow, it’s quite a collection.? You can recall every purchase from every store.? Out of town shopping trips.? That time you were away on business and went crazy in the lingerie section.? Blew more money on panties than food and accommodation!? Man that was fun. ?But give it all up? Of course you can!? Throw them out.? Who needs lingerie?? What the hell have you been doing spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on women’s underwear!

Garbage bag.? Big one.? Lingerie in, then out in the garbage.? Phew! Thank God that’s over.? It was getting out of hand and it was time to purge.? Just boy undies for me from now on.? Woo hoo, I’m gonna man up and stick to boxers. To hell with the frilly stuff, I’M BAAACK and I’m gonna be just like everybody else!!!

One week later

You’re out shopping at the mall.? A hot pink, white lace, black highlight color combination catches your eye.? You walk into the lingerie store ‘just to look’.

You spend $200 on new lingerie.? You can’t wait to get it home.? The cycle begins again…

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What’s in a name?

So we have a new set arriving in the next few days and we need a name. ?Following on from our recent plan to have our customers help us out, we sent out an SOS newsletter for suggestions.

The new set is white with a floral pattern and is made from a gorgeous figure hugging microfibre.

Customers are naming our new figure hugging panty

Customers are naming our new figure hugging panty

We have also designed our first ‘pullover’ style bra since there is plenty of stretch in the fabric. ?It feels beautiful and we’re confident our current and new clients will love it!

Our new floral set looks great and feels sensational!

Our new floral set looks great and feels sensational!

We have been inundated with names so far and have yet to make a decision. ?Some of the suggestions include (in no particular order)

  • Lana Rose
  • Sweet Romance
  • Debutante
  • Flower Princess
  • Tender Touch
  • Skylark
  • Rosie Reds
  • Flower Power
  • Camille (suggested several times)*
  • Lola*
  • Summer
  • Rose Thorn
  • Antoinette
  • Louise
  • Viola
  • Floral Love
  • Scarlet
  • Poppy
  • LaFleur
  • Calico
  • Marie Christine
  • Charlotte
  • Rosanna
  • Sonrisa
  • Juliette or Julie*
  • Penelope
  • Spring Fling
  • Joies Floral Dream Collection
  • Roxy or Roxanne
  • Sophia*
  • Abigail
  • Genevieve*
  • Flowers & Lace
  • Blossom
  • Amberosia
  • Floral Passion
  • Alice
  • Elise*
  • La Rouge Fleurette
  • Flora
  • Lily
  • Laila
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Lety
  • Flower Boy
  • Rebecca

Those marked with an asterix are the front runners at this stage. ?Using names for the lingerie is fun, simple and easy to remember – unless of course you know someone with that name and you don’t like them. ?That might create an issue when you want to wear that style…

We will make our decision in the next 24 hours or so…..


(24 hours later)

The Winner is………….Elise! ?Thanks to Daniel in Texas, your freebie set is in transit.


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The Media Focus is Changing

We’ve been remarkably fortunate to receive quite a bit of media coverage over the past couple of years. ?For many customers and visitors, it’s as if HommeMystere has just arrived on the scene and we’re an overnight sensation! ?Nothing could be further from the truth. ?It’s taken a lot of hard work, money, faith and above all else, passion.

Until you actually begin doing something you really really love and have had an interest in for what seems like forever, you never quite understand what ‘passion’ for your work means. ?You can like your job, or even love your job! ?But does it keep you awake at night? ?Are you constantly thinking of what you can do better? ?How you can improve something? ?Does it consume you? ?That’s what HommeMystere is all about for us.

So when the media comes along, it’s as much an experience for us as I’m sure it is for the agency or reporter. ?Two recent articles from Fusion and highlighted a few points for us. ?Firstly, there is still the focus on the sexuality of the guy that likes lingerie. ?Is he gay? ?He must be. ?Or he must be bi at least! ?There is always an interest in that area.

But something else is happening. ?There is more of an acceptance that lingerie exists. ?There’s an acknowledgement that some guys like briefs with a bit of lace or want to wear a bra or sleep in a soft one piece teddy. ?And guess what! ?Like girls, some guys can look pretty damn good in a thong!

One of our early garments

Decent butt wrapped around one of our early release thongs

It’s also enlightening to receive feedback from customers. ?We knew there were plenty of guys that hid their lingerie habits but we were pleasantly surprised to hear how many shopped with their partners too!

Men’s lingerie is harmless fun enjoyed for a variety of reasons. ?But only those of us with the lingerie addiction know just how passionate guys can be about lingerie….It’s a cycle of indulgence,?enjoyment, guilt, purge and acceptance.

There’s nothing better…except perhaps sharing lingerie..

Sharing China Doll Bras

Sharing China Doll Bras

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