What’s in a name?

So we have a new set arriving in the next few days and we need a name.  Following on from our recent plan to have our customers help us out, we sent out an SOS newsletter for suggestions.

The new set is white with a floral pattern and is made from a gorgeous figure hugging microfibre.

Customers are naming our new figure hugging panty

Customers are naming our new figure hugging panty

We have also designed our first ‘pullover’ style bra since there is plenty of stretch in the fabric.  It feels beautiful and we’re confident our current and new clients will love it!

Our new floral set looks great and feels sensational!

Our new floral set looks great and feels sensational!

We have been inundated with names so far and have yet to make a decision.  Some of the suggestions include (in no particular order)

  • Lana Rose
  • Sweet Romance
  • Debutante
  • Flower Princess
  • Tender Touch
  • Skylark
  • Rosie Reds
  • Flower Power
  • Camille (suggested several times)*
  • Lola*
  • Summer
  • Rose Thorn
  • Antoinette
  • Louise
  • Viola
  • Floral Love
  • Scarlet
  • Poppy
  • LaFleur
  • Calico
  • Marie Christine
  • Charlotte
  • Rosanna
  • Sonrisa
  • Juliette or Julie*
  • Penelope
  • Spring Fling
  • Joies Floral Dream Collection
  • Roxy or Roxanne
  • Sophia*
  • Abigail
  • Genevieve*
  • Flowers & Lace
  • Blossom
  • Amberosia
  • Floral Passion
  • Alice
  • Elise*
  • La Rouge Fleurette
  • Flora
  • Lily
  • Laila
  • Cherry Blossom
  • Lety
  • Flower Boy
  • Rebecca

Those marked with an asterix are the front runners at this stage.  Using names for the lingerie is fun, simple and easy to remember – unless of course you know someone with that name and you don’t like them.  That might create an issue when you want to wear that style…

We will make our decision in the next 24 hours or so…..


(24 hours later)

The Winner is………….Elise!  Thanks to Daniel in Texas, your freebie set is in transit.


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The Media Focus is Changing

We’ve been remarkably fortunate to receive quite a bit of media coverage over the past couple of years.  For many customers and visitors, it’s as if HommeMystere has just arrived on the scene and we’re an overnight sensation!  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It’s taken a lot of hard work, money, faith and above all else, passion.

Until you actually begin doing something you really really love and have had an interest in for what seems like forever, you never quite understand what ‘passion’ for your work means.  You can like your job, or even love your job!  But does it keep you awake at night?  Are you constantly thinking of what you can do better?  How you can improve something?  Does it consume you?  That’s what HommeMystere is all about for us.

So when the media comes along, it’s as much an experience for us as I’m sure it is for the agency or reporter.  Two recent articles from Fusion and highlighted a few points for us.  Firstly, there is still the focus on the sexuality of the guy that likes lingerie.  Is he gay?  He must be.  Or he must be bi at least!  There is always an interest in that area.

But something else is happening.  There is more of an acceptance that lingerie exists.  There’s an acknowledgement that some guys like briefs with a bit of lace or want to wear a bra or sleep in a soft one piece teddy.  And guess what!  Like girls, some guys can look pretty damn good in a thong!

One of our early garments

Decent butt wrapped around one of our early release thongs

It’s also enlightening to receive feedback from customers.  We knew there were plenty of guys that hid their lingerie habits but we were pleasantly surprised to hear how many shopped with their partners too!

Men’s lingerie is harmless fun enjoyed for a variety of reasons.  But only those of us with the lingerie addiction know just how passionate guys can be about lingerie….It’s a cycle of indulgence, enjoyment, guilt, purge and acceptance.

There’s nothing better…except perhaps sharing lingerie..

Sharing China Doll Bras

Sharing China Doll Bras

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I love Lucy!

I used to hate the idea of coming up with a name for each new piece of lingerie.  It was more of a chore than fun, particularly when there are so many options.  So our recent decision to have our newsletter subscribers come up with a name has been a great idea.

Annabelle was the first winner for one of our customers from the United States and now we have a new winner from New Zealand.  Keith has suggested ‘Lucy’ for our open set and says in his email it’s ‘a highly bewitching name’ and ticks all the boxes for him.  Keith will have a set sent to him as soon as production is complete!

Lucy leaves nothing to the imagination!

Lucy leaves nothing to the imagination!

The Lucy thong is completely open at the front.  There’s no tucking your package away. At all.  Ever.  Lucy is designed to be a fun, sexy garment for play.

Same goes for the bra.  It’s peek-a-boo design is made for fun and show.

Have some fun.  Be daring with Lucy!

Have some fun. Be daring with Lucy!

The Lucy set is an exhibitionist’s dream and we can’t wait to have it available from mid September!

Now to come up with a name for our next set…


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Welcome Annabelle!

Adding a new garment to the HommeMystere collection is always exciting.  Less fun is deciding what to name the garment.  Sometimes it’s easy and straightforward, sometimes it can be difficult.

Annabelle Panty


So lately we have been asking our customers and visitors for suggestions on garment names.  Some of the suggestions for this set included ‘Azure Pleasure’, ‘Blue Belle’, ‘My Garter Panty and Bra’ and many more.

Ultimately though, we decided to choose ‘Annabelle’ for this release.  It was suggested by Trent in the US and he has been a fan of HommeMystere for some time.  Using a female name is something we have considered for previous releases and is something we may continue to use in future.

Annabelle Panty back


We’re sure that Annabelle will be popular with out customers and look forward to providing a new style next month.  Perhaps something a little more risque that our current styles.

Annabelle is available in store now!

Annabelle set

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Guy’s in Lingerie Stores – Ten Commandments

  1. Thou shall psych oneself up prior to walking into the store by carefully considering a plan of attack.  This means not lingering for a period of time that is likely to draw suspicious glances from staff.
  2. Though shall have a cover story in place that suggests thou is purchasing for wife/girlfriend/mistress as a surprise present.
  3. Though shall pretend to be far less knowledgeable about sizing and fabrics to the staff to ensure thou appears as a stereotypical dumb male buying lingerie.
  4. Thou shall tell staff the wife/girlfriend/mistress is a size ‘X’ and under no circumstances say ‘she’s about my size’.  This clearly gives the staff member reason to believe thou is buying for oneself.
  5. Thou shall only purchase underwear with a wide gusset.  Bare minimum of 4 inches or 10cm.  This will avoid splitting oneself in two, having one testicle in confinement and one on the loose or raising your voice by 6 octaves.
  6. Thou shall keep well clear of thongs and G Strings as they generally only have 1.2 square inches of fabric in the front.  Refer point 5.
  7. Though shall stick with stretch fabrics only, despite being hypnotically drawn towards bright shiny satins and polyesters.  Snap out of it.  We both know they are not going to work.
  8. Thou shall not indulge in fantasies of the store assistants ‘helping you’ with your lingerie in the change room.  Make the purchase and escape!
  9. Thou shall take advantage of Valentine’s and Christmas periods to stock up on lingerie in vast amounts when it is less suspicious you are buying for oneself.
  10. Every few years you will feel you must purge all your lingerie from your house/shed/work hiding place because ‘enough is enough’!  Then you will go out and do it all again.


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Happy Birthday to Us!

Hard to believe it’s been five years since the beginning of HommeMystere.  Many people say they would love to start their own business in something they are truly interested in but most won’t.  How many times in the past have you gathered with friends and one of you has said ‘that would be a great invention’ or ‘we should start a business doing that’!

I’m guessing quite a few.  Taking the leap from idea to actually doing something is a little more challenging.  As we discovered here at HommeMystere.  What began as ‘we should make a few pairs of lingerie style undies’ has resulted in something bigger than we ever thought would happen.

So for our fifth birthday, we have been searching for a few pics of old favourites.

Our first production run.

Taboo White – Our first bulk production

The Taboo was our first bulk production.  Though the volume was tiny compared to what we do now!  It was made locally in Australia with one way stretch satin and came in a thong, scrunchy, brazilian cut and boyshort.

Taboo Boyshort back led to quite a few emails!

Taboo Boyshort back led to quite a few emails!

The little hole in the back of the Taboo Boyshort meant we received many emails with some asking if it was ‘for a tail’.  Not sure about that…

Scrunchy Back was a popular style

Scrunchy Back was a popular style

The Scrunchy style back was also popular and started a trend where we had our visitors and customers vetting our designs prior to production.

This was a great style

The Passion High Cut Brief

Australian made Passion Brief and bra (bra not shown) was popular too.  It had a sheer back and lined pouch with broad lace sides.  Super comfortable and bargain priced at the time.

Whisper underwire bra was made for a very short time

Whisper underwire bra was made for a very short time

The Whisper underwire bra was beautifully made by a local seamstress using the best materials.  Even though it was loved by our customers, the cost to produce it meant it was out of reach for many of our customers. There really wasn’t any point manufacturing lingerie for guys that no one could reasonable afford so we began looking overseas for suppliers.

That’s when we started with the China Doll and Rose.  These styles have been replenished twice due to their popularity.

China Doll set was the first we produced overseas

China Doll set was the first we produced overseas


Rose was the second overseas produced style

Rose was the second overseas produced style

Since then we have progressed to even more styles and plan to introduce more new garments over the next 12 months.  We’d even love to do some sleepwear though early trials of our super slippery nightshirt weren’t popular.  Not sure why.

Our trial version of the nightshirt wasn't as popular as hoped!

Our trial version of the nightshirt wasn’t as popular as hoped!

Even though the designer lurrrrrves this nightshirt with matching brief below-

Silky brief!

Silky brief!

We may try some more sleepwear soon!  In the meantime, our Retro Gold set should be available by June 20 2014.  I hope everyone loves it!

Retro Gold is our Very High Cut brief and matching bra.

Retro Gold is our Very High Cut brief and matching bra.

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So we thought a photo shoot was due

One of the great things about working with lingerie is the photo shoot bit.  For some reason, many people still seem to think that HommeMystere lingerie for men is a gay thing.  Clearly this insinuates that all gay guys are effeminate and love to be the ‘girl’ in the relationship.  If that was indeed correct, and all gay guys were actually wannabe girls, wouldn’t that make all gay guy couples lesbians?


Anyhoo, back to the point of the blog.  We love doing photo shoots.  Not just because we get to see our lingerie on a guy that actually makes more than a half arsed attempt at keeping fit.  You know what I mean.  Most guys think that a diet is switching from full strength to light beer for a week.  That should work.  Right?

Well we do like to see our lingerie on fit-ter guys than us, but we also get to dress up the female side of the shoot too.  So when you’re asked what you would like the woman to wear in the shoot, ‘nothing’ is clearly not PC for this G rated label.  So we went with the timeless Little Black Dress.  And stilettos.  And can we have a whip with that?

See all of our pics soon, but here’s one showing our next release.  Retro Gold.

Model wears the HommeMystere Retro Gold while getting whipped into submission.

Model wears the HommeMystere Retro Gold while getting whipped into submission.

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What pisses me off

It takes some time before I get upset here at HommeMystere.  I’m one of those people with a very long fuse but an explosive temper.  As such, not much really affects me or really gets me angry.  But when it does, lookout!

Except when I see our garments advertised for sale somewhere other than here at or with one of our stockists.  Why should I care I hear you ask?  Simply because I can control the quality of the garments we have in the market place.

As most of you would understand, starting a business and building a brand is a bit of a task – especially in an area such as men’s lingerie!  So when someone pops up out of the blue and appears to be selling the same garments, it’s not only a surprise, it’s disappointing.  Because I don’t know what the quality of those goods might be.

Sometimes, because I’m a nice bloke, I send out early samples to customers to give us some feedback.  These samples are not the finished product and do not have the same quality control as our main production runs.  So it would be a misrepresentation of our brand if someone was to on-sell that product as one of our final garments only to have the buyer receive an inferior product.

So I would suggest that unless you purchase our garments through one of our stockists, one of our other approved retailers or via this site, you may not be receiving the quality you expect.

Buyer beware!

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The moment new lingerie arrives

Most men and women would agree there are few times more exciting than the anticipation of opening up a gift or surprise present.  Whether it’s apparel, electronics or a gift card, the moment you look at the item, you are immediately weighing up if it meets your preconceived expectations.

It’s the same with us and our lingerie.  We can plan, size and choose the colours of the lingerie we want to make but until the samples arrive we’re just hoping the idea in our head translates to something just as good when completed.

Thankfully, our first samples are looking good and exceed our expectations.  Can’t wait to see how the others turn out!

Just a hint of a couple of samples we plan to release soon.

Just a hint of a couple of samples we plan to release soon.

Once we have everything confirmed we will be organising the photo shoot.

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Releasing a new lingerie style

One of the fun things about owning a lingerie label is creating something new and using new fabrics.  You never know what might be popular, what will look good and what will feel great until after you’ve been through the design process.

It’s taken us a while to get the Vixen Lace bra and panty set to the market and it’s during the creative process we have learned a few lessons.  Firstly, and most importantly – lace catches!  Not the most comfortable thought when purchasing something to cover your package.

We didn’t want to compromise the deep red look of the lace by inserting an obvious lining in the front of the panty.  We eventually settled on using a nice mesh liner that has been dyed the exact same colour as the lace.  Comfortable without compromising the look.

The time taken to ensure the lingerie we make not only looks good, but feels great and gives the wearer a great feeling is the most important part of the design.  Positive responses from clients is the greatest reward.

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