The moment new lingerie arrives

Most men and women would agree there are few times more exciting than the anticipation of opening up a gift or surprise present.  Whether it’s apparel, electronics or a gift card, the moment you look at the item, you are immediately weighing up if it meets your preconceived expectations.

It’s the same with us and our lingerie.  We can plan, size and choose the colours of the lingerie we want to make but until the samples arrive we’re just hoping the idea in our head translates to something just as good when completed.

Thankfully, our first samples are looking good and exceed our expectations.  Can’t wait to see how the others turn out!

Just a hint of a couple of samples we plan to release soon.

Just a hint of a couple of samples we plan to release soon.

Once we have everything confirmed we will be organising the photo shoot.

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Releasing a new lingerie style

One of the fun things about owning a lingerie label is creating something new and using new fabrics.  You never know what might be popular, what will look good and what will feel great until after you’ve been through the design process.

It’s taken us a while to get the Vixen Lace bra and panty set to the market and it’s during the creative process we have learned a few lessons.  Firstly, and most importantly – lace catches!  Not the most comfortable thought when purchasing something to cover your package.

We didn’t want to compromise the deep red look of the lace by inserting an obvious lining in the front of the panty.  We eventually settled on using a nice mesh liner that has been dyed the exact same colour as the lace.  Comfortable without compromising the look.

The time taken to ensure the lingerie we make not only looks good, but feels great and gives the wearer a great feeling is the most important part of the design.  Positive responses from clients is the greatest reward.

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Is Valentine’s Day just a girl thing?

I was of the understanding that Valentine’s Day was a celebration where couples exchanged gifts as a sign of their mutual love for each other.  Though it seems to be evolving into a one way exchange where guy’s are buying gifts for their girlfriends with little hope of receiving something in return.

Of course, guys expect something in return, but it’s not a physical gift you can just go into a store and purchase on credit card.  Guys prefer to be shown appreciation in other ways.

Examples of Valentine’s Day fails are everywhere particularly with autocorrect but here’s a few things I’ve learned about giving gifts.

It’s the gift that counts.  All that crap about the thought is just that – crap.  It’s like when she says ‘do whatever the hell you want’.  It doesn’t mean you can smoke cigars in the house, spend the kids college education money on a Harley or anything like that.  It’s actually a threat.  She means ‘if you do that, I will tear your balls out with rusty pliers’.

Same with the Valentine’s Day gift.  Don’t buy her fake flowers, buy the real ones.  You know, the $100 bunch that will wither and die within the week – much like your sex life if you get her the fake ones.  And don’t get them from the local cemetery.

Chocolates are a great gift but make sure they’re top quality and something she likes – not what you like.  Also, make sure they’re not ‘low fat’ or sugar free and don’t include a gym membership.  In fact, don’t ever give a gym membership to your girlfriend / wife for reasons you should understand.

Lingerie is popular gift too, but it doesn’t have to be red! Something skimpy and sexy is great but she really wants something that is comfortable too. Take a bit of time to investigate before you wander into your local lingerie store or shop online.  Get the sizes of what she already has in the lingerie draw so there’s a better chance of getting the right size.  And it doesn’t have to be a crotchless thong and peekaboo bra.  Something tasteful and understated can be sexy too and she’ll realize you put some thought into it.

For guys, of course we recommend our lingerie.  We’re seeing the popularity of sexy underwear for men growing year on year and Valentine’s Day is a great reason to give it a try.  I’m sure there will be plenty of newbies getting something sexy this year saying ‘it seems so wrong but it feels soooo good’!

So ladies, take our advise and get him some underwear that’s fun and sexy and comfortable.  You’ll want them for yourself.

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What lingerie does the designer have in his draw?

One question I get asked quite often is ‘which is your favourite’?

I’m sure everyone opens their undie draw each day, checks to see what’s available, then gravitates towards a ‘favorite’ pair of undies, panties or bra.  Because there’s something about a favourite pair that reflects the mood you might be in that day.

If you’re off to work and know you have a big day ahead of you, you might just want something comfortable that fits well and you know isn’t going to give you any trouble.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling a bit toey in the morning, feeling relaxed and a bit sexy, you might go for something colorful that has a slightly different cut around the bum or perhaps a thong.

Having a ‘date night’ with your partner or heading out in the hope you might get lucky, then something that gets you in the mood and keeps you there might be called for.

Either way, we all have a few ‘best and fairest’ in the underwear draw and I’m no different.

So my high circulation underwear generally consists of the following-

PinStripe - I love the brief in these so much I actually have 3 pairs in circulation.  They double as swimwear as well so are pretty handy in the tropics of Australia when in and out of the pool!  The cut is slightly larger than the Rose so it’s not overly brief and they are underwear you can put on and forget.  They are the ‘workhorse’ in the underwear draw.

Rose – These are one of our earliest releases and has been replenished twice.  The panties I have are the original sample which are now over two years old!  Brief, lightweight and thin, they are always near the top of the list.

Sheer – The Sheer has a look that is actually pretty mainstream with the only hint that it’s anything different being the small hint of pink lace.  I like these as they are a fairly normal pattern and the sheer fabric means there is plenty of air circulating around the package.  Good, honest fun undies.

Candy – I love this style.  The pattern, along with the fabric color and the lace sides makes these stand out every time I look in the draw.  If you want to surprise your man with some comfy undies that will bring a smile to the dial every time he puts them on, these are the ones!

Frill Panty – I’m not sure why, but this one isn’t as popular as the thong yet I personally believe it’s the most comfortable panty we have made. Ever!  Without a doubt, this is my favorite as they have a bit of a frill, yet are super comfortable.  It might just be a personal preference for the full bum pattern, but they are, in my own opinion, the best.

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Happy New Year!

Well it’s a new year for almost everyone (Chinese still have a month to go!) and it’s a good time to reflect on what’s happened and how far men’s lingerie has come along.

As we’ve said before, we’re really happy with HommeMystere and the progress we’ve made.  We’ve seen plenty of new customers, newsletter subscribers and visitors throughout the year and also seen our range of garments expand with increased production runs as our style becomes more popular.

But is lingerie style underwear becoming more acceptable for guys?  Why is it still an underground kind of movement?  Strangely enough, a guy would be more likely to talk about sex toys or ‘come out’ than admit he likes to wear frilly panties.  Now we’re seeing Gay marriage becoming acceptable in various parts of the world, marijuana is legal in some areas of the US and Miley Cyrus gave us twerking!

Beats me why guys wearing lingerie is such a big deal!

No doubt many of our customers will continue to hide their lingerie collections at work or in the back shed, indulging only when they have the house to themselves.  Their wives/girlfriends will continue to be ignorant, or if they do know, be clear they don’t approve of the practise.

Are we seeing men’s lingerie at the same stage as the gay community endured 30 years ago?  I hope not but if that’s the case then we’ll continue to push for men’s lingerie to be accepted by the wider community.

Life is too short to have it directed by the Fun Police.  May as well enjoy it while you can!

Cheers everyone.  May all your lingerie be Satin – or at least 85% polyamide and 15% spandex!

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What a Year!

It’s been a big year for us at HommeMystere.  We’ve certainly put some of the naysayers to rest as our men’s lingerie range goes from strength to strength!  Some of the highlights have been-

  • Two appearances at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas with our latest runway appearance in September
  • A huge amount of worldwide publicity following the April Lingerie Show.
  • New stockists in Japan, Singapore, Sweden, France and the United States
  • New garments including the Dorothy panty and thong, Candy bra and panty, Satin bra and panty, Scrunchy bra and panty plus all our sold out short run garments!
  • Our YouTube channel at HommeMystere1 has almost reached one million views!
  • We established Twitter and Pinterest accounts to keep everyone up to date!
  • And we have some great new releases planned for 2014..

Of course none of this would be possible without our loyal clients that continue to support us and our US and UK agents that store and ship our garments to ensure fast delivery at a reasonable price.

We’ve also been fortunate enough to deal with many of our clients via email and phone to assist in everything from sizing to shipping to advising when new garments will become available.

With 2013 exceeding our expectations, we can’t wait fro 2014 to come around!  More panties, bras, lingerie for men!

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So we asked for some feedback…

This week we asked our subscribers for feedback on their lingerie wearing ways – particularly what any ladies thought about guys wearing panties or lingerie in general.  Here are a some of the responses

MY MAN is extremely masculine and very much enjoys wearing lingerie, I encourage him – he can express his sexuality in whatever way pleasures him and myself.  I find it very erotic that he wears lingerie and have an extensive collection myself, the satin, lace and silk against your skin and rubbing your partners body when together in bed is pleasurable for both of us.  It does not mean that he is gay or bisexual, it is incredibly sexy to see my big strong man strutting around in his lingerie – hot hot hot”

I HAVE recently been dating a female school teacher, who would of preferred the sexual excitement of finding out for herself that I wear panties, rather than me telling her upfront before we got to the physical stage of the relationship.  This new lady friend of mine, told me off for assuming she would think I was weird and not wanting to see me…..she thinks it amazingly beautiful, that I think of her when I am going to visit her, and choose a pair of my best half silk and lace, pastel shade panties, especially to see her……..A lot of women are not offended, and love the idea of men wearing panties, they often look more sexy than some females..”

I READ an interview with Eddie Izzard in Saturday’s Toronto Star and in a brief paragraph he described my experience exactly, saying he’s a transvestite; not gay, he doesn’t want to be a woman, loves women – and their clothes.  Had that attraction since he was 4.  It’s not a compulsion, but it feels good to wear satin and lace and frilly things.  BTW, I’m 77″

(read the interview – it’s worth the time)

I AM married to the most beautiful woman for 33 years.  We have two very successful daughters.  My wife learned of my liking to wear lingerie when we were engaged.  Since then she has bought most of my bras and panties, as well as negligees.  I wear regular underwear during the week.  But the weekend is for bras and panties.  She has no problem with that as I am quite straight.  Just like the feel of lingerie.  Recently found HM and bought two different sets.  When I get out of the shower on the weekend, she was waiting to “dress me” in my new bra and panties.  She even has a special draw for all my lingerie.  And she always picks out what I wear every weekend.  Even the negligee for Saturday night.  Been doing this for years, and we are both comfortable with it.”

I LIKE and I love my HommeMystere mens bra and panty because me and my 27 male staff wear bras and panties everyday, and our women also like this underwear, it comfortable for men.”

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Do the choices you make really matter?

A common comment we receive is our relationship with the gay/transgender community, our thoughts on heterosexual relationships and lingerie and so on.

The short answer is we don’t really care.  It’s wrong to even divide people into separate communities based on anything pertaining to their personal preferences – sexual or otherwise.

I believe that when we’re young, either by accident or design, we’re brainwashed into believing there’s a particular path we ‘should’ be treading.  However, as you get older, you develop your own unique likes and dislikes, thoughts and interests.  Some people are comfortable stepping off the preordained path and creating their own new path.

Others are overwhelmed by guilt that they may be upsetting family and friends, or not ‘meeting the expectations’ that others have of them.  They cannot break the bond, step out of the box and create their own destiny, as they probably want to do deep down.

So many people end up living a life that may not ‘conform’ to what the wider community apparently wants – but they are probably having a hell of a lot more fun than the ‘wider community’!

So we don’t really give a damn if we’re associated with anyone in particular.  We’re treading our own path, creating something for guys, and having fun doing it!

And at the end of the day (or your life), when you’re six feet under, will it really matter that you were anything but honest with yourself?  It’s doubtful anyone will care if you liked some nice lingerie..

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Say it with Satin

Anyone that knows anything about mens lingerie, know that guys love satin.  Anything that gives a smooth line under clothing, and has that slippery feel, will always be popular.

So it’s taken us a while, but we’ve finally released our first Satin set.  The bra and brief is lavender in colour with a star printed pattern.  Using a non stretch fabric presents a bit of an issue with sizing, but we have done our best to cover as many as possible.

Star Satin bra and panty set for men now in stock in the UK, USA and Australia

Star Satin bra and panty set for men now in stock in the UK, USA and Australia

Released just a few days ago, it’s already proving to be a popular garment – particularly the bra which is very stealthy even under T shirts!

And one thing we love about releasing a new garment – that’s placing our next order.  So keep an eye out for the Red Lace set coming soon!  Previews are available on our Pinterest Page

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Back to Reality

Well we made it back to Australia following another fun exhibition at the International Lingerie Show.  We had a few guys in our panties on the runway for the fashion show and we have requested the video to post on our YouTube channel.  Hopefully that won’t take too long to be prepared.

We missed out on the StoreErotica award but we were pleased to at least have received the nomination – well, actually that’s not entirely true.  We would have preferred to win!

If you don’t follow us on Twitter and missed our tweet, check out Matt dressed in our PinStripe Boyshorts and Vest.  Matt is with Christy at the Show.  The PinStripe proved very popular at the show once again.

We’re now waiting on our satin bra and panty set to be completed and should have those available in the next few weeks.  Keep an eye on our store or blog for updates.

We also stumbled upon an article written some time ago here.  Take a look as it’s well written and is a good guide for wives and girlfriends that are looking for a bit of reassurance.

Sign up to our Newsletter for a great introductory offer and to keep up to date on what’s happening’at HommeMystere.  Or get in contact if you would like more information on lingerie for men!


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