Is Valentine’s Day just a girl thing?

I was of the understanding that Valentine’s Day was a celebration where couples exchanged gifts as a sign of their mutual love for each other. ?Though it seems to be evolving into a one way exchange where guy’s are buying gifts for their girlfriends with little hope of receiving something in return.

Of course, guys expect something in return, but it’s not a physical gift you can just go into a store and purchase on credit card. ?Guys prefer to be shown appreciation in other ways.

Examples of Valentine’s Day fails are everywhere particularly with autocorrect?but here’s a few things I’ve learned about giving gifts.

It’s the gift that counts. ?All that crap about the thought is just that – crap. ?It’s like when she says ‘do whatever the hell you want’. ?It doesn’t mean you can smoke cigars in the house, spend the kids college education money on a Harley or anything like that. ?It’s actually a threat. ?She means ‘if you do that, I will tear your balls out with rusty pliers’.

Same with the Valentine’s Day gift. ?Don’t buy her fake flowers, buy the real ones. ?You know, the $100 bunch that will wither and die within the week – much like your sex life if you get her the fake ones. ?And don’t get them from the local cemetery.

Chocolates are a great gift but make sure they’re top quality and something she likes – not what you like. ?Also, make sure they’re not ‘low fat’ or sugar free and don’t include a gym membership. ?In fact, don’t ever give a gym membership to your girlfriend / wife for reasons you should understand.

Lingerie is popular gift too, but it doesn’t have to be red!?Something skimpy and sexy is great but she really wants something that is comfortable too.?Take a bit of time to investigate before you wander into your local lingerie store or shop online. ?Get the sizes of what she already has in the lingerie draw so there’s a better chance of getting the right size. ?And it doesn’t have to be a crotchless thong and peekaboo bra. ?Something tasteful and understated can be sexy too and she’ll realize you put some thought into it.

For guys, of course we recommend our lingerie. ?We’re seeing the popularity of sexy underwear for men growing year on year and Valentine’s Day is a great reason to give it a try. ?I’m sure there will be plenty of newbies getting something sexy this year saying ‘it seems so wrong but it feels soooo good’!

So ladies, take our advise and get him some underwear that’s fun and sexy and comfortable. ?You’ll want them for yourself.