The Media Focus is Changing

We’ve been remarkably fortunate to receive quite a bit of media coverage over the past couple of years. ?For many customers and visitors, it’s as if HommeMystere has just arrived on the scene and we’re an overnight sensation! ?Nothing could be further from the truth. ?It’s taken a lot of hard work, money, faith and above all else, passion.

Until you actually begin doing something you really really love and have had an interest in for what seems like forever, you never quite understand what ‘passion’ for your work means. ?You can like your job, or even love your job! ?But does it keep you awake at night? ?Are you constantly thinking of what you can do better? ?How you can improve something? ?Does it consume you? ?That’s what HommeMystere is all about for us.

So when the media comes along, it’s as much an experience for us as I’m sure it is for the agency or reporter. ?Two recent articles from Fusion and highlighted a few points for us. ?Firstly, there is still the focus on the sexuality of the guy that likes lingerie. ?Is he gay? ?He must be. ?Or he must be bi at least! ?There is always an interest in that area.

But something else is happening. ?There is more of an acceptance that lingerie exists. ?There’s an acknowledgement that some guys like briefs with a bit of lace or want to wear a bra or sleep in a soft one piece teddy. ?And guess what! ?Like girls, some guys can look pretty damn good in a thong!

One of our early garments
Decent butt wrapped around one of our early release thongs

It’s also enlightening to receive feedback from customers. ?We knew there were plenty of guys that hid their lingerie habits but we were pleasantly surprised to hear how many shopped with their partners too!

Men’s lingerie is harmless fun enjoyed for a variety of reasons. ?But only those of us with the lingerie addiction know just how passionate guys can be about lingerie….It’s a cycle of indulgence,?enjoyment, guilt, purge and acceptance.

There’s nothing better…except perhaps sharing lingerie..

Sharing China Doll Bras
Sharing China Doll Bras

I love Lucy!

I used to hate the idea of coming up with a name for each new piece of lingerie. ?It was more of a chore than fun, particularly when there are so many options. ?So our recent decision to have our newsletter subscribers come up with a name has been a great idea.

Annabelle?was the first winner for one of our customers from the United States and now we have a new winner from New Zealand. ?Keith has suggested ‘Lucy’ for our open set and says in his email it’s ‘a highly bewitching name’ and ticks all the boxes for him. ?Keith will have a set sent to him as soon as production is complete!

Lucy leaves nothing to the imagination!
Lucy leaves nothing to the imagination!

The Lucy thong is completely open at the front. ?There’s no tucking your package away. At all. ?Ever. ?Lucy is designed to be a fun, sexy garment for play.

Same goes for the bra. ?It’s peek-a-boo design is made for fun and show.

Have some fun.  Be daring with Lucy!
Have some fun. Be daring with Lucy!

The Lucy set is an exhibitionist’s dream and we can’t wait to have it available from mid September!

Now to come up with a name for our next set…