Do the choices you make really matter?

A common comment we receive is our relationship with the gay/transgender community, our thoughts on heterosexual relationships and lingerie and so on.

The short answer is we don’t really care. ?It’s wrong to even divide people into separate communities based on anything pertaining to their personal preferences – sexual or otherwise.

I believe that when we’re young, either by accident or design, we’re brainwashed into believing there’s a particular path we ‘should’ be treading. ?However, as you get older, you develop your own unique likes and dislikes, thoughts and interests. ?Some people are comfortable stepping off the preordained path and creating their own new path.

Others are overwhelmed by guilt that they may be upsetting family and friends, or not ‘meeting the expectations’ that others have of them. ?They cannot break the bond, step out of the box and create their own destiny, as they probably want to do deep down.

So many people end up living a life that may not ‘conform’ to what the wider community apparently wants – but they are probably having a hell of a lot more fun than the ‘wider community’!

So we don’t really give a damn if we’re associated with anyone in particular. ?We’re treading our own path, creating something for guys, and having fun doing it!

And at the end of the day (or your life), when you’re six feet under, will it really matter that you were anything but honest with yourself? ?It’s doubtful anyone will care if you liked some nice lingerie..

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  1. Everyone has the rights to wear what they feel most comfortable in but external forces are at work to take the fun out of life.
    Wives are usually the first obstacle. They are usually not open minded enough to cope with men wearing lingerie. With the majority of mens underwear and clothing baggy cotton, dull in colour and unflattering, this creates a very sober feel of what is expected.
    My wife is quite liberal in many things but would freak at a bra and is not in favor of me exposing my hosed legs to the world. We differ on these things of course.
    I hope one day all men will be created equal and have the rights to be comfortable anyway they see fit. It’s with help from companies like Hommemystere that this will gain ground.

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