Guys shopping for lingerie – does this sound like you?

You know what it’s like. ?You walk past the lingerie section in a department store casually eyeing off the women’s briefs in every colour imaginable. ?You know, instantly, in a split second glance, what you like. ?And more importantly, what will fit.

You check the brief and think ‘they look nice’ then notice the centre seam and think ‘no good to me, move on’ until you see something without the seam. ?You realize the crotch width on the next one you like is too narrow, without even getting close to the hanger.

So you move on. ?Until you see something that grabs your attention. ?It’s ten paces away but you already know it’s the right style, it has no centre seam, frontal width is ok, colour is not your favourite but it’s close – and maybe there’s more choice on the other side of the rack. ?All you need now is to find them in your size – which of course you know. ?Because you can convert almost every women’s brand sizing to your own without even thinking about it.

Then as you get close, you realize the fabric hasn’t got enough stretch, you got all excited for nothing because these are just not going to work. ?But you note the brand because they might have something else suitable and you can hunt them down later.

Does this sound familiar? ?It’s annoying after a while isn’t it. ?Because it’s bad enough trying to find something you like, let alone being stalked by shop assistants that have no interest in serving you. ?And you thought to yourself, ‘if only I could just make what I want it would be so much easier’.

Well it’s not much easier but designing is far more satisfying. ?Not just because we get to design what we like – but because we get to design what you like.

And the best thing about designing lingerie for men? ?Plenty of samples and experimenting with different designs. ?If you’re a guy that’s seriously into lingerie, you would be extremely envious….

2 Replies to “Guys shopping for lingerie – does this sound like you?”

  1. Hallo,

    I am very happy to found this offer.

    I have ordered the bustier and slip in rose, and the
    bra and slip in black, very beautiful.

    After 8 days have your lingerie in my hands, very fast, i am come from

    Last Sunday, going to my girl friend, with the rose bustier & slip.

    It was a very happy day. The feelings are very sexy and i would like more from you.

    Many greets from Germany


  2. Hi Brent, Your description of shopping the typical women’s lingerie section really sums it up well. So much to entice until you start considering the practicalities of what’s really wearable. Thanks for this blog entry as well as your many wearable designs for guys.

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