Is Men’s Lingerie gaining traction?

We follow the news on any mention of “Lingerie for Men” and it’s refreshing to see other companies are getting on board to offer men, no matter what their sexual preference or fetish persuasion an alternative to the boring & uncomfortable options available in mainstream stores.

I found this story from late November 2018 where Fat Mike from NOFX Punk Rock Band is launching his own fashion line which includes knickers, stockings & garter belts.  His slogan on their website is gold saying “Wear what the f**k you want!  It just goes to show you can’t pigeon hole men that want to wear lingerie style underwear or kilts for that matter! 

Mel Magazine just posted a story today called “A No-Frills History of Lingerie for Men” which highlights the many different reasons why men want to wear lingerie.  We provided the writer Brian a sample of our lingerie for Brian to try for himself.  He did a short video wearing our Nadia Nightie at the end of the story.  Whilst he tried it and decided it wasn’t for him, at least he was open to the idea and there was no judgement.   Check out the story here.

Mashable Australia also gave us a mention for Valentine’s Day gift ideas and noted that our lingerie was an edgy gift for the adventurous.  We liken our lingerie to a sex toy that you both get to wear together.  Don’t underestimate the feeling of touching luxurious fabrics on your partner.  We highly recommend! 😉  Check out the R-rated gift ideas here.

We understand that our customers are varied, and we don’t pretend to be an authority on their sexuality type or fetish but with our customers continual feedback, we will continue to produce luxury lingerie that fits men.

Speaking of feedback, we are thinking of doing another poll on Instagram to get an idea of what style you would like us to release next. I’m thinking super soft & girly?   If you would like to partake, create an Instagram account if you don’t already have one, follow our account below and keep an eye out for the next poll. 

We are super excited about 2019 and can’t wait for you to see and feel what we have in store for you!

6 Replies to “Is Men’s Lingerie gaining traction?”

  1. Men’s lingerie is one of the sensual gifts a girl can give to his man on Valentine. Even I like to wear mens bikini rather than any style of underwear.

  2. I love the way you explain about mens underwear. It prevents me from hygiene and makes me feel soft and comfortable. I also think that underwear enhances my sex appeal and enhance my sex appeal.

  3. Yes, I totally agreed with the author. Men’s lingerie is being liked by everyone. It is one of the most liked underwear among men. Most of the men wear them to show off their masculinity.

  4. I’ve been married for 37 years I’ve been playing with lingere for several years I love wearing silky sheek lingere and my wife gets turned on by it also we end up into some very hot love sections I think all guys should try it

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