New online store up and running

I have often heard that most new businesses fail in the first five years. So it’s pleasing to know that not only are we now in our sixth year of operation, HommeMystere continues to grow and the outlook is bright.

It was time for us to upgrade our online store and website to reflect the HommeMystere label. After some teething problems, checking our systems and trialing as many areas as possible, we are confident the store is ready for just about anything!

The continuing growth and success of HommeMystere comes down to having an absolute passion for what we’re doing, a keen interest in all things business related, and most importantly, a very loyal and interested customer base. I’m sure lingerie for guys will continue to be somewhat of a niche product for years to come, but in a global environment, even the smallest niche can encompass a huge number of people.

We are forever grateful to our clients for the support we receive and the opportunity to pursue our passion, lingerie.

View our latest Media Release.

7 Replies to “New online store up and running”

  1. I can’t believe this is for real. If so, it is sick. I’m disgusted with the fashion industry and the current culture at large demonizing and emasculating men. Bring back the good old days when men were real men.

    1. Whoa! Sorry to say the good old days are gooone! Hence the word ‘old’. Really appreciate you perusing the site and giving us your insightful views!

    2. If he thinks that wearing mono color cotton under make him feel more of a man, just be happy the old fashion way. I was the one wearing a nigh gown on my wedding night.

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