New Release Styles

Our new lingerie sets have arrived and are now available in store.  They are so new we haven’t even planned a photo shoot as yet!  The new sets including Emma Teddy, Chloe Thong, Bra and Suspender Skirt along with Jasmine Panty and Bra represent a change in our business.

We have finally reached a tipping point in terms of manufacturing which is great news for our customers.  It means our volumes equate to better prices for our customers and hopefully an ever evolving and growing business.

Of course this isn’t possible without the continuing support of our customers and as a reward we will be releasing our new garments at the lowest possible price and in the case of Emma, a small loss.  The reason is to reward our loyal customers and provide visitors with an opportunity to sample our quality at a reasonable price point.

Our current $10 sale on these garments has to end by the weekend of September 15/16 so take advantage today or miss out!

6 Replies to “New Release Styles”

  1. When will you have a bra like the china doll again. Unfortunately I was too late. Only small sizes were available. Now it is completely out. I found that the china doll was the type of bra that would fit a man perfectly.

  2. When a man likes to wear a bra there might be three different factors to consider:
    1 – It must fit the male chest. If it does not fit, it is no good.
    2 – It must fit the male chest and the material and color must be masculine
    3 – It must fit the male chest and the material and color may be feminine
    I personally prefer option 2.
    I also would love to have shapewear in form of a corselet. Still option 2.
    Just a few thoughts from Capri

  3. Wow! I am always eager to try out new men’s underwear collection. I prefer that underwear that gives the perfect fit to my body and make it easy for me to wear it all day long. Thanks for sharing these new styles.

  4. I love the collection of HM very much, but I would like to see a thong with a translucent front. This would be very sexy and cute. Maybe some translucent fabric with dots on it or some flowers. Just an idea.

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