Planning the 2016/17 range

I was fortunate enough to visit our manufacturer in China last month and begin planning our range for release over the second half of 2016 and first half of 2017.

I’ve gone a little more ambitious for the next range and included a swimwear set and a piece of sleepwear as well.  Plus there will be a range of bra/panty/lingerie as well.  If all the samples are successful, you should be in for some lovely lingerie over the next 18 months!

Below is a pic of one of the sample rooms in China during a break in planning.

Sample RoomIt was great to get back to China again and catch up with the people that work in the business there.  The hospitality is second to none and it’s interesting to see a culture with such a long history.  Except for the taxi drivers.  I think taxi drivers are the same all over the world.

We still have a couple of releases from the 2015/16 year to go and I expect the Sandra set to be available by April 11th or 12th at the latest.  I did add a thong to the set very late and after the model pics had been taken so just static pics for that.

I also discovered an issue with the bra and despite the fact that I love it, the band doesn’t offer as much stretch as I anticipated.  So I’ll be releasing it with an extender so it will fit correctly and sending one out with every Sandra bra sold.

If you’re a Newsletter subscriber, you will receive a notice and a substantial discount as soon as it becomes available.  I’ll also be having a bra sale at the same time so if you’re into bras, get onto our Newsletter to receive the offer.

Sandra Thong Back

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  1. It all started with my wife and I going to a very fun “crossover” party this past New Year’s here in LA – gals in black tie men’s tux or suits, guys in elegant evening wear. My wife completely surprised me by encouraging both of us to “go 100% authentic” so she wore boxers, tank-T, suit, socks, wingtips, suspenders, bow tie, cuff links, my man’s watch, and gelled hair like Michael Douglas in Wall Street.

    With her complete help, I shaved my legs, wore bra, panties, sheer black lace-top thigh-high stockings, black flats, full slip, crepe and lace overlay slinky-sexy dress, and she did complete make-up, earrings, necklace, rings, her watch, bracelets, she did my nail polish, flat-ironed my hair into a woman’s style with bangs, added perfume – and off we went.

    We had a blast, raised a lot of eyebrows and smiles, all night until leaving at 2am. I could not get over how fun and sexy it was to wear that lingerie and dress. I felt amazing all night long. She was really into it all, and after undressing at home, she encouraged me to wear one of her most sheer nighties and matching thong to bed (took off make-up but left nails polished). And that started it all.

    Next few days she helped me try on all kinds of lingerie combinations, but she ditched her male outfit and joined me in her usual sexy lingerie. So we started hang in around the house both in bra, panty, garters, stockings, slips – making dinner, watching a DVD, sipping wine, and of course up in the bedroom. She really liked me in lingerie, and I also REALLY liked it, and now we’re into our 4th month of me wearing everything of hers, and have shopped together at Ross, Macy’s, Marshalls buying me my own lingerie, so now I have my entire bottom dresser drawer filled with lace, silk, satin, rayon, crepe, and bows.

    Never saw this coming after 20+ years of marriage, but I’m loving it!!!!

    1. For me it began with my wife dabbling on the net and coming across a HM article. Next thing she showed it me and said why not give it a try. Well eventually she got me to send off an e mail and the reply was so reassuring that i sent off an order.
      Now 12 months down the line i have 4 sets of lingerie and like Mike we have our evenings together in front of the tv with us both in bra and panties and so to bed. Must say it took me a bit of getting used to but now it comes naturally and it has changed our lives so much i wish we could have done it years ago.
      So anybody reading this is most likely already a convert but dont be shy guys you may be in for a big suprise

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