Reflecting on 2014

A new year and a time to reflect a little on what we’ve accomplished. Over the past 12 months HommeMystere has introduced several new styles. The include the

Heart set

Lovely set with a panty based on the Rose pattern and bra similar to the Scrunchy


The soft Vixen bra and panty set. We placed a dyed sheer lining in the panty to stop the lace from ‘catching’!


Our first very high cut brief made with the lightweight sheer and lace over gold sections. Better than those granny panties you used to love!


We decided to begin naming our lingerie after women and have our subscribers make the suggestions. Also our first panty with detachable garter belts.


Lucy is our first attempt at something a little sexier than our usual styles. A peekaboo bra and crotchless panty let’s everything hang out. More popular than we anticipated


Elise is our most recent set and our first attempt at a pullover style bra. While the bra is lovely to wear, the sizing variations are reduced due to the lack of adjustment

It’s great introducing new styles and trying new lingerie. Guys that ‘get’ what we do will be insanely jealous they don’t have the opportunity to try so many different styles and variations made just for them.

But the nature of our business is that once we sell out of something we don’t go back to it. So this year we’ve also said goodbye to most of the Fun range with just a few camisoles remaining. The Fun range was one of our earlier styles and comprised a padded bra, high cut brief, teddy and cami. Time to move on..

The Fun range was exactly that – Fun!

We’ve also said goodbye to our China Doll bras in XL and a couple of our Small size panties.

Our next release is Genevieve and she was due here in December. Hopefully we’ll have some more info on her soon as we also need to begin preparing our releases for 2015!

HommeMystere continues to grow as a business (with sales increasing yet again this past calender year!) and also in the maturity of the designs. Through the continued support of our customers and visitors , we have been able to expand our lines and ensure that lingerie for men is here for the long term.

We’d like to wish everyone the best for 2015. May your panties not be bunched, your bra straps remain firmly on your shoulders and your wives/girlfriends/boyfriends/significant others be tolerant and accepting of your chronic lingerie addiction!


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