The Good, the Ugly and the Funny

Getting a LOT of media attention certainly gives us some perspective on what the wider community think about lingerie for men. ?We always believed the results would be influenced due to the fact our supporters prefer to be discreet, and are therefore less inclined to have anything to say. ?We’re still amazed at how many women would ‘run a mile’ if their husband liked lingerie. ?No wonder we have to ship to unusual addresses so often!

Here are some of the comments that grabbed out attention and what we thought of them.

Comments we like

  • “It’s funny how many people are offended by the idea of a “man” wearing something they’re probably never going to see him wearing.”
  • “Oh come on folks..don’t be haters 🙂 ?Yeah, it’s a little bit odd. But if some men want to give “frillies” a try, then why the heck not? ?Live and let live.”
  • “Unless you’re a nudist or just wear potato sacks, EVERYTHING you wear is a costume of some kind. It’s just that we, as a society, have determined that some “costumes” fit the acceptable cultural norm and are just called clothes. Men, why do you wear a strip of silk cloth in front of your shirt when you want to look serious and businesslike? Because that is part of the culturally accepted business costume. My point? Dress in what makes you happy, you’ll find yourself happier. duh. ?(footnote: when at work, where what makes your boss happy. duh.)”
  • “I hate to tell you…..but more men like to dress in ladies underwear than you can ever imagine, they don’t all consider themselves to be CD’s or TV’s. Ladies, you ALL need to check your drawers because I bet an awful lot of you “share” your underwear with your man, you just don’t know it.” ?Yep, got it in one with that comment..
  • “Here’s a wake-up call. We’ve gone metrosexual now. Men use beauty products. They moisturise. They take two bottles into the shower. Get used to it. What is it about transvestism, even at this level, that people find so threatening? Ladies, do you think he’s going to love you any less? Perhaps find himself a boyfriend and settle down with his and his matching Weimaraners? Or is it that if you fancy him in a pair of knickers, it might make you question your own orientation? Men, are you worried that, after one pint too many, you might not be able to tell the difference? Or that you might no longer care? These are your own insecurities, people, and you show yourselves up by displaying them here. Cross-dressing harms nobody, and women have been getting away with it for years. It might offend some when a man does it, though perhaps we should be asking ourselves why.”?We had to show this simply because he put so much effort into the comment!
  • “Come on lads we have all dressed up in the Mrs underwear for some bedroom fun. ?OH! Just me then? ?If my wife wanted me to dress up in this for some bedroom fun then I would do. After all she dresses up for me. ?Each to their own.”
  • “I’ve been wearing bra and pants for years…………………………ever since the wife found them under the backseat of the car !!!!!” -?This is a familiar story. ?Get discovered, and either own up or pretend you’re having an affair to hide the secret..
  • “Doesn’t do it for me !! but some men like to dress up so at least the can go and get their own now !!” -?Yep, that’s the point.
  • ?”if my husband had a fetish like this, i would totally buy it for him” -?Lucky guy!

Comments we weren’t quite so fussed about.

Clearly, there are some people that aren’t potential customers. ?We decided?not?to show some of the particularly troubling comments here.

  • “How ugly. How disgusting. What filthy freak came up with this! What kind of woman would let a “man” who wants to wear?women’s underwear near her? People do not know when they should be ashamed. Filthy disgusting pigs.” -?We’re still feeling clean and surprisingly unashamed..
  • “This is yet another step in the prefabricated moral decline of our society. Is it any wonder why we have kids killing each other, dope on every corner, and politicians that squander trillions in dollars, babies on food stamps/welfare. THIS IS WHY” -?And we’re really sorry about that meteor shower we caused the other day too..
  • “omfg… my bloke would be so far out the door if he ever wore anything like this… jesus christ… it may sound sexist but us girls can pull off wearing mens boxers but men can definitely not pull off wearing ANY of this GROSS!!!!!!!” -?Ummm, yeah it does kinda sound a bit sexist and I think we both now realize that you DO wear the boxers in your house..right?
  • “Any man who wanted to wear these would get the boot from me double quick!” –?Phew! ?Thanks for clearing that up but guys are wearing it for themselves – not you..
  • “speechless”?– Good one! ?Let’s keep it that way eh? ?And maybe tell your friends..

Comments that were a little funny.??They made us laugh a little bit, but most were a little too descriptive to place here.

  • “My eyes! My eyes!!”
  • “Okay, maybe the internet wasn’t such a great idea after all.”
  • “Think this company is going to go BUST”?– Thanks for palm reading! ?Should we shut down now or do you think we can run for another week? ?Oh hang on, I just noticed we’re getting busier..
  • “None of the blokes I know would wear this kind of gear and if they did their wives would laugh them out of the house. I am in OZ and had not heard about this company until I read this article” -?I’m sure you know those blokes pretty well and you sound like you would be the first one they’d tell if they wanted advice on lingerie..

Read something you thought was good or funny? ?Feel free to let us know


2 Replies to “The Good, the Ugly and the Funny”

  1. I find some of these comments very funny, women saying they would run a mile if their men wore lingerie well guess what ladies they probably already do !! I had been “sharing” my lingerie with my husband for 20 years without knowing it! Before he told me what he was doing.
    While I was initially shocked, and I have no desire to see him in it at least he can buy his own from sites like this and not “share” mine anymore.
    I am not a fan of men wearing lingerie but I’m not going ridicule or leave my husband because of it. It is only a small part of who he is, and he is not hurting anyone by doing it !!!
    Enough Said !!

  2. Are you kidding me? This is brilliant! It’s beautiful! It’s been my personal opinion since I was 12 years old, in middle school, that I loved transvestites, cross dressers, drag queens/kings… the whole shebang! Women, like me, have been cross-dressing for decades now—because it was more practical to wear pants. HOWEVER, there’s no reason to deny elegant, soft-textured, beautiful clothing, INTENDED to make you feel beautiful and sexy, to men. It’d be a horrible double standard. My personal take on it is that clothes are just bits of cloth stitched together. Why do we have rules about the TYPE of cloth and the shapes it makes? That’s like saying “only women may live in houses with green paint”. Does… the color of paint really matter? Clothes originally derrive from wearing animal skins to keep warm. And then we got all up in arms about “decency” and clothes became a means to cover our “shame”. (Which I don’t believe nudity is shame in the least. It’s pure beauty.) As long as it does what society demands, covers up the personal bits, WHY does it matter if a man is wearing pink, lace, or a dress? I suspect that given decades to adjust we’ll find ourselves in a world that doesn’t make so much distinction between the gender of clothing (hopefully because we’ll have realized gender is a societal construct).

    I personally adore men in lingrie, lace, pink, and who enjoy taking the time to style their hair, look good, condition, moisturize, and color coordinate. It doesn’t mean he’s gay. I don’t need to feel insecure. In fact, I feel more turned on. The idea of me and the boyfriend curled up in the bed wearing matching negligees… tell me that isn’t a heart-melting moment! (Ooooooh, that gives me an idea. Ever considered the option to make his and her matching lingerie from this site? SEXY.)

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