The moment new lingerie arrives

Most men and women would agree there are few times more exciting than the anticipation of opening up a gift or surprise present. ?Whether it’s apparel, electronics or a gift card, the moment you look at the item, you are immediately weighing up if it meets your preconceived expectations.

It’s the same with us and our lingerie. ?We can plan, size and choose the colours of the lingerie we want to make but until the samples arrive we’re just hoping the idea in our head translates to something just as good when completed.

Thankfully, our first samples are looking good and exceed our expectations. ?Can’t wait to see how the others turn out!

Just a hint of a couple of samples we plan to release soon.
Just a hint of a couple of samples we plan to release soon.

Once we have everything confirmed we will be organising the photo shoot.

3 Replies to “The moment new lingerie arrives”

  1. Hello Brent.
    I just saw few items on eBay with the distinctive Homme Mystere bow tie at the front. One looked very similar to the sample above (with the red bow tie)

    A seller from Airlee Beach I believe.

    Your anger is understandable. Keep up the good work and keep the great products coming.



  2. Hi Brent, Just saw the pic on twitter of your recent photo shoot. Very eager to know when the garters and stockings are going to be in the catalog. Those will be nice additions to your lingerie page. Continued success! Don

  3. The white with small red patterns on it reminds me of a favorite nightgown I had when Laura Ashley made very long, huge skirted, nighties, made with yards and yards of soft cotton. I wore it until I couldn’t wear it anymore. Please drop me a line when anything made with this material is available (or, anytime you would like to). This is a truly Girly pattern and excited to have discovered you today.

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