Valentine’s Day lucky for plenty of men!

It’s been an absolutely crazy couple of weeks for us here at HommeMystere following a successful Valentine’s Day sales period!

While Valentine’s Day has been a growing period for us over the past few years, we were barely prepared for the deluge of orders received in the few final days before February 14th.

Combined with the huge popularity of Genevieve and the late arrival of Monique, 2015 is showing all the signs of being another great year for lingerie loving men.


So what’s in store for the remainder of this year? Well , we have between 15 and 20 pieces planned with most of them being bra & brief sets – though be prepared for a couple of new styles as well. Anyone that follows our Pinterest or Tumblr feeds will have a fairly good indication of what’s in store this year.

We are running out of stock on a few of our more popular lines so one of our priorities will be to introduce a couple of similar lines. Thongs are not as popular as panties, but we’ll still be bringing something out that I’m sure you will love.


We can’t wait to get started!

2 Replies to “Valentine’s Day lucky for plenty of men!”

  1. Good day all. As I read this blog you commented on the very question I am going to ask. I see some really great lingerie choices on pinterest and am wondering why you’re not offering items like your pins? Like some of the rompers and chemises that I’ve seen pinned. Keep up the good work.
    Thanks Steve

  2. I think it’s cool that these ladies enjoy the feminine side of their men nothing old about femdom or cuckold more power to you

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