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How did men’s lingerie gain worldwide attention?? Well you can thank Lynn Comella and Vegas Seven Magazine for the initial article that led to all the attention.? Lynn watched the models on the catwalk at the International Lingerie Show and dropped into our booth for a chat.? From there it was picked up by other news agencies around the world with everyone wanting to know about lingerie for men.

Perhaps mainstream isn’t too far away after all.? We’ll add as much of the media information here that we can, though visitors may need to translate a few of the foreign ones for us!

Oh, and if you’ve seen anything in print about HommeMystere, let us know.? We’d like to see it so perhaps we could negotiate something…

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  1. Brent,

    Wonderful to see hommemystere mentioned in an article contained in the Australian Financial Review Weekend edition of 26-28 August in respect of new styles of sexy male underwear now available. A good write up in the Life & Leisure supplement in a piece entitled ” Think outside the boxers”.

    Mention made of the availability from of lacey lingerie for men: G strings, bras and camisoles.

    Very welcome write up and very positive.

    I hope the write up will will enable many more men to get to experience the sensuality of wearing such sexy male lingerie. Just love the feeling of lacy G Strings, sheer panties and sexy baby doll underwear and knowing such items are under my daily wear conservative business suits. Only I and my adored partner know my little daily secret. A real buzz.

    Best wishes


    1. Thanks mate. It’s nice to see something in the media recognizing our style of underwear. Certainly brings male lingerie more mainstream. And being an avid reader of the AFR I was also pretty pleased to see it!

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