Welcome Annabelle!

Adding a new garment to the HommeMystere collection is always exciting. ?Less fun is deciding what to name the garment. ?Sometimes it’s easy and straightforward, sometimes it can be difficult.

Annabelle Panty


So lately we have been asking our customers and visitors for suggestions on garment names. ?Some of the suggestions for this set included ‘Azure Pleasure’, ‘Blue Belle’, ‘My Garter Panty and Bra’ and many more.

Ultimately though, we decided to choose ‘Annabelle’ for this release. ?It was suggested by Trent in the US and he has been a fan of HommeMystere for some time. ?Using a female name is something we have considered for previous releases and is something we may continue to use in future.

Annabelle Panty back


We’re sure that Annabelle will be popular with out customers and look forward to providing a new style next month. ?Perhaps something a little more risque that our current styles.

Annabelle is available in store now!

Annabelle set

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