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Customer Testimonials

"Love the range = please keep it coming - my boyfriend and i love it - adds extra dimension to our sex life too - thanks"
Megan - Australia

"Recently received the China bra and Rosa bra and panty set. Good quality and fits well. Thank you for the bodystocking gift! Decided it is time to update my (under) wardrobe and enter the 21st century. It's a new and fun world!"
Richard - United States

"Thank you for the prompt response to my enquiry about this item"
Gary - United Kingdom

"Keep these wonderfully delicious bra and panty sets coming!"
Richard - United States

"Loved the first order, need more!"
Stephen - Australia

"My Sister liked my French Affair Bra and Matching Panties so much she pinched them and won't give them back. I see you have sold out of the knickers in medium. If you get some more would you please hold a pair for me?"
David - Australia

"I did order the China Doll bra.....thanks for the messages and guidance on the size"
Jason - Australia

"I just received my order and it fits great, very comfortable"
Jean - Canada

"Hi, not sure if I need to let you know that I received my order and very happy. Thank you"
Mathew - Australia

"All items received, thank you for your service, best regards to Australia!!!"
Silke - Germany

"I received my order today and I just had to try the items on. The Rose Teddy felt good on me. As for the Rose panty, they fit very well. Thank you for the gift. It’s hard enough to find quality men's panties, but to find them in a Small is even harder. I'm really happy I happened upon your website and look forward to shopping with you again."
Gary - United States

"I am 5'9 and 160lbs with a decent build and the teddy you sent me was a PERFECT fit. The fabric was super soft on the skin and I really liked that. There was plenty of room in the "equipment area" and it didn't ride."
Brian - United States

"I think it's great that you make these items for men so they can have cute panties like us girls."
Bella - Unknown

"Thanks for sending the order all the way to California USA. I never write back to a supplier or grade one on Amazon etc. But I wanted to write and compliment you on the quality of your merchandise. As you may know, being a cross-dressing man who enjoys lingerie, it is very hard to get a good fit over the internet and often merchandise is of inferior quality. This was not the case with you! The panties were made with plenty of room for the male extra gear and I thank you for all your designs."
Brian - United States

"Just a short e-mail to let you know that my latest order has arrived and both the panties and camisole fit perfectly as you can see from the attached photograph. After so many bad experiences buying lingerie made for women which rarely fits properly, I am delighted to have found HommeMystere where the fit is always great."
Adrian - UK

"I have purchased HommeMystere's lingerie over the past 2 years. My wife loves when I wear it - in fact she says she is jealous because my lingerie looks better than hers."
Doug - Untited States

"The HommeMystere range for me is like stamp collecting, I just want one of everything."
Ray - Australia

"I received my envelope with my order and let me tell you.. The teddy is awesome"!
Ricardo - Mexico

"I'm so glad there is lingerie for us men. I have waited for this for 20 years, I'm 50 years old and at last it is here and I'm so glad. Thanks, keep on going please!!!!!
Teddy - Denmark

"I ordered three sets of lingerie, purely on customer testimonials alone. This is not something I would normally do with a company who I have had no experience with, bu I decided to jump straight in and treat myself. Three days after ordering from the UK my package arrived. Opening it was like Christmas's of old. As I took each item out of the bag I was presented with a beautiful array of colours and textures, exactly how they had been described. My girlfriend knew I'd been ordering men's lingerie from you and also had her doubts about fit, quality and comfort, knowing what we'd put up with in the past...........I am so very happy with my purchases. Please continue to inspire the more broad minded of this world. Perhaps even become mainstream, although perhaps not in my lifetime. Keep em coming
Lee - UK

"I just wanted to say thanks so much for making lingerie for guys too!! I don't mind shopping at Victoria's Secret and the like but always having to say 'I'm shopping for my girlfriend' when I really was buying for me! Thanks again for making panties for guys, I love them!!
David - US

"NICE!! You guys are innovators, I bet more men will come out of their fears...and explore what you guys offer. For me...just to let you know I quit buying girls lingerie, I switched to HommeMystere."
Ricardo - Mexico

"Thank you for your top notch service and professionalism. The way you handled this enquiry was beyond my expectations...."
Rob - Australia

I recently purchased the combination of the Pinstripe vest and Boyshort from HommeMystere. I was delighted to find, after receiving the tracking number, that it had come with 2 day priority shipping. After waiting impatiently to get home from work, I immediately opened the box together with my poly-triad partners. All three of us found the fabric lovely to touch, and I could hardly wait to strip and try it on...so I did! The Medium sized vest and short fit a bit snugly at first, but after a gaze in the mirror, it was easy to realize it hugged the curvature of my body in all the right places, and especially in the bottom and package areas of the boyshorts.
Jonathan - USA

I like your product that I have received and to work with a company that has such a great customer service is worth supporting. Thanks again
John - USA

Reviews & Comments

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