China Doll Revival?

One of the main goals of HommeMystere has been to continually expand the range of lingerie we design for our clients.  That means we complete a single manufacturing run of a style and then never go back and make exactly the same style again.

There have been a couple of variations on this idea such as the Miranda being a very similar pattern to Genevieve, and Rachel also being close to the same style.

I also do plan to do another style of the Frill set although it will likely be the thong, panty and a padded bra in a different color.

But this week I received an email from Shane in the USA who said he always liked the China Doll set but found the site too late to get one.  Shane also said there was some mention of the China Doll on other sites and forums where guys were interested in getting a set.  This isn’t the first time I’ve received a request for the China Doll.  Every now and again someone sends an email and I have apologise for not having one in their size.

China Doll was the first large manufacturing run for HommeMystere
China Doll was the first large manufacturing run for HommeMystere

So here’s a bit of background on the China Doll.  It was the first ‘large’ production run we did of a particular style and our first time using a manufacturer in China.  The name came from the fact is was made in China but more so after the David Bowie song of which I’m a fan.  It was one of the turning points for HommeMystere going from small local runs to importing and learning about large factory manufacturing.

China Doll Panty is low at the front
China Doll Panty is low at the front

It certainly didn’t go too smoothly but starting a lingerie business for guys was never going to be a straightforward business plan!  The China Doll did run very very small, the panty is low at the front but overall, the look is quite nice and it is/was quite comfortable.  The China Doll bra has large cups which turned out to be a positive for our female model at the time – she was so impressed with the bra and the wing design she took a couple for herself!

China Doll Bra had the largest cup we have made with plenty of curve!
China Doll Bra had the largest cup we have made with plenty of curve!

So I’m in two minds at the moment.  Do we do another run on China Doll?  Do we sacrifice a new style and color for another China Doll set? To do it again would mean making the bras larger in the band and I would also change the panty pattern slightly to make it higher at the front.  And do you guys really want a full bra that has a cup size that large?

There is still time.  I’m still in the planning stages for the second half of this year and will be back at the factory in China to work on the patterns and plans in March.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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24 Replies to “China Doll Revival?”

  1. I would love so much the China doll bra in size L.
    I like to have a padded bra as a guy.
    Would be very happy if you would bring it back.

  2. I like the China Doll as it is more of a Black/Grey set, which I consider a sexier look than the brighter colors (old school here)

  3. I to found this site too late to get China girl in my size. I like the idea of having a padded bra in my collection so if not bringing back this set then produce a similar style.

  4. I’d love to see another run of China Doll set was not available when I first found the would definitely be one for the collection, how about matching suspender belt as well?. Some cheeky nightwear would also be a winner a nice fitted baby doll in a shiny satin material. Keep up the good work.

  5. I have a China Doll set, and a few of the other styles too. Of those I’ve tried the China Doll fits my body better than any other, and makes me feel very sexy. I would jump at the chance to grab another, but it’s more about the shape than anything else. I’d especially like to see China Doll in another colour, perhaps the same satin but with red detail?

  6. I am very interested in China Doll coming back. When I first discovered Hommemystere all of the China Doll bras in my size were gone, I did buy the panties though because I liked the look so much, not a week goes by where I don’t wear them. I would really like to complete the set.

  7. Would love a re-visit as I missed it the first time round. Just wondering about the back (which you didn’t describe). Perhaps a more daring (?) cut in the back if not done so in the past. Failing this perhaps introducing another design featuring a similar more exotic pattern.

    Thanks for asking.

  8. I think the China Doll set is something I would love to wear. I think it would not only make me feel sensual, but also look sensual. After all isn’t sensuality the only thing that matters when it comes to making love? It would be well worth another run and if you would like to send me a free set as a gift……… Thank you in hopeful advance.

  9. Homme Mystere is a very interesting brand in every respect. You have a sound business model and a wide choice. Next to China Doll, there are some other ‘vintage’ sets on my wishlist that are (alas) no longer available. That is exclusivity – if that is the belief behind the brand, then don’t change the strategy. The good news for customers is that there will be exciting new issues in the future!

  10. It would be nice to do another run of the China doll set, but to be honest I probably wouldn’t buy it and would prefer something new. Now if we were talking about another run of the whisper bra or taboo panty (or something similar)- COUNT ME IN!

  11. Like many others i was disappointed not to be able to purchase a China Doll Bra. Got the panties and they look and feel great so would definitely purchase the bra if available. Got the Sandra Bra which looks stylish similar to the China Doll and the black is great is for us guys.

  12. Any news on whether you’ll do another run of the China Doll? I’d love to buy a set, but by the time I discovered your website it was no longer available in my size. If you do, please make sure the bra will fit larger sizes. Thanks!

    1. Hi Tony
      Sorry but there won’t be anymore China Doll. We do have a full cup bra in the Frida and watch out for Victoria that we have on order too! Just remember that Frida and Victoria are a C cup so you will nee to fill them out if you want to!

  13. China Doll is my first and favorite bra and panty set I saw on a man & woman and could not wait to order multiple sets online, then my first visit to, I looked and looked to no avail ;,-( Homme Mystere bring back China Doll in all its glory, its a keeper, a staple, put me down for eight sets; even design it for a man’s chest or not

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