Why do guys like wearing lingerie?

I listened to a Pod-cast this morning regarding our lingerie. One of the points raised was that men enjoyed women’s lingerie because it is lingerie made for women! Absolutely correct! That’s the taboo factor coming into play. The fact that it’s something socially unacceptable is the reason why many guys enjoy doing it.

However aside from a few select brands of women’s underwear, it doesn’t fit. And while it might be fun for the first five minutes, what if you really like to wear something a little sexier all day? Hence why there is HommeMystere. We wanted lingerie with a feminine look, though was designed in patterns and sizes suitable for guys to wear all day.

Another point raised was in regard to the look of lingerie on a guy. Let’s get something clear on this – we design the lingerie to make the customer feel better about themselves – not to make anyone else happy. I imagine it’s the same reason women buy lingerie – they buy it because it makes them feel better about themselves. And if their partner likes them wearing it then great! If it spices things up in the bedroom then that’s great too! It’s exactly the same for guys.

Whether it’s leather or PVC, sexy boxers, tank tops or lace bras and panties, it’s just clothing. If it makes the wearer feel better about themselves then great. Mission accomplished.

Listen to thebreastlife Pod-cast athttps://soundcloud.com/thebreastlife/boobs-in-the-news-episode-7-sexy-bras-for-men

Oh, and the guy’s and bras thing? There are two reasons we design them. We can. And our customers love them!

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  1. I like wearing lingerie because I love the look and feel of it and it makes me feel so sexy and turned on I wished I could tell my wife I like to wear lingerie I long to tell her but don’t know if she would accept it she is very understanding and I love her but im not sure how she would feel I would bye heaps of lingerie to wear if she knew and understood

      1. I told my wifeaand shesdidn’t get it until I showed her and now she we shop together also and it’s a lot of fun for us.

        1. Hi.
          My wife knows I wear her underwear and she likes it and I have loved it for years.
          But I find it difficult to show it off to her .
          I would like to be more natural with it

          1. She already knows. THAT is the hardest part that you have accomplished! So DON’T be afraid! Show it off!

            My wife isn’t attracted by my wearing her lingerie or other women’s lingerie. She simply accepts it because I told her the truth. We have 2 kids today, I have a full closet of clothing and I enjoy sex with my wife while wearing my clothes.

          2. Start off with a role-play foreplay game, make sure it has ” switch clothes with your partner” round! They do exist! (Free even-android or IOS) That’s how it materialized for us! I wear garter n hose occasionally a thong. I like the straps,buttons,shine,and most of all, it is hers, was onher body fitting like a sexy voice! Now I am pressed into it and that much closer to my heavenly bliss! We climax sooo hard together! Omg! Lol I still wonder though her most intimate thoughts on it. She says positive things, but hmmm! Now that she’s lost interest in sex I find imyself wearing ignore and more to be closer to her. Now she even hides my favorites!

        1. Hi Tim, like you I too have suffered, (76 years) I think that the name for us is ‘Closet CD,s Who know what the future will be for people like us, Just a shame that it’s not generally acceptable today. ladies clothing and lingerie are so much more comfortable than Men’s to wear, softer and more sensual materials.I have been married for 45 Years and I have always secretly crossdressed in my wife’s things, we are just about the same size except for footwear so I wear open toed or slingback shoes at every opportunity but I don’t think that I’m gay, I don’t think that she would understand my trait if she found out and this is my fear so I have to be very careful not to be found out and so I’ll be signing off with my girlie name….Best wishes….Christina.

        2. Hi Tim, like you I too have suffered, (76 years) I think that the name for us is ‘Closet CD,s Who know what the future will be for people like us, Just a shame that it’s not generally acceptable today. ladies clothing and lingerie are so much more comfortable than Men’s to wear, softer and more sensual materials.I have been married for 45 Years and I have always secretly crossdressed in my wife’s things, we are just about the same size except for footwear so I wear open toed or slingback shoes at every opportunity but I don’t think that I’m gay, I don’t think that she would understand my trait if she found out and this is my fear so I have to be very careful not to be found out and so I’ll be signing off with my girlie name.

    1. Well, just explain it to her and tell her why you like wearing it, and how it make feel, and you love her, and wanted her understand that you’re not gay. And how it turns you on, just don’t wait too long because you don’t want your marriage destroyed, do you want to happen?

    2. I completely understand and I am in the same position. I love wearing lingerie and clothing. love dresses and skirts, it make me feel like ME. But I do not think my wife would accept it as well. This is very hard.

      1. Take her out to dinner have a few drinks and tell her I think she loves you enough to go along its very popular just nobody talks about it my wife makes me wear panties and for her once your in the shell find you will do what ever she asks you to from dishes to small pleasures. Let her know you’ll be surprised

      2. John, If you like skirts get a couple of kilts,Lungi, or men’s sarongs. When I got my Kilt and Lungi I would wear them around the house. The GF though it was a little strange at first but really liked the idea. Most women have an image of a man in a Kilt or Sarong that is positive and they tend to love the idea of seeing their guy in one.

        After having them and wearing them for some time, my GF got used to seeing me in them. I ordered a couple of maxi skirts and added then to my clothing. Personally I love them and she did not think that was strange because she had gotten used to seeing me in skirts.

    3. I used to feel the same way one day I took my wife to a sex to a shop and bought her a toy we left there and I went to the mall she didn’t understand what we were doing we ended up in the lingerie section she asked are we buying something for me and I replied no we’re buying something for me I picked out a few pairs of panties it was awkward however I got it off my chest and she knew that I like to wear them the same day she made me prance around the house in them and she learned that she had total control of me while I was wearing them she gets her back rubs when ever she wants sex whenever she wants has me wash dishes whenever she wants while I am wearing panties I do whatever she asks our marriage has gotten so much better and free I am still a man at work I am still masculine when I get home I like to put on panties and service my wife so please don’t be afraid you might be surprised

      1. My wife and I went to sex shop an bought sex toys she got a vibrator an I got a vibrating pussy.we bought some good speed an decide to go to a river late that note once there she striped off an lay on blanket with her vib I walked around naked an horny.my girl ask for more speed so I went to car to mix up for us.I noticed a change of clothing my girl bought with her.before I knew it I had just put on a pair of red and gold silk lace panties and a long pink maxi dress.I went over to wife gave her speed an ask did it fit OK,she looked an smiled an said your driving home dressed that way and you can dress properly at home.we got home an once inside she said remove dress an wait,she went to room an came back an played down a bra,long lace petty coat,stockings,suspenders and heels an said put it all on so I did.she went out next day an bought me lingerie and a couple long satin lace nities.I love wearing women’s clothing

        1. You are a lucky man . I tried to tell my girlfriends at the time that I liked to wear women’s shoes and clothes. She got jealous because my collection of women’s attire was sexier then hers. Needless to say we lasted a month after me trying to share this fetish of mine with her .So are 8yr relationship ended because her jealousy​.

      2. I too have been wearing panties for long time now at first my wife was like dumbed faced about it but i told i like to wear them ive been wearing them for yrs just that i never kept them that i would hide or throw them away when i got home she slowly accepted it now i wear panties 24/7 sometimes at the store i’ll ask her what do u think of these she either no or yes theyre nice my kids also know i wear panties i also wear leggings to the store at times n around the house i have started to wear a bra everyday now but she doesn’t know about that yet thats another surprise for later yesterday she gave me 1 of her pants that i wear sometimes asked her why she said she didnt really like the way they fit her but they fit n look good on me so i could have them n wear them she was going to buy some new leggings but they were to big but it looks like she starting to come around more now n i am ecstatic about that so dont be afraid come out n explain to her slowly n she’ll understand

        1. I’m 51 now I started wearing my mommies pink silky night gown at around ten years old and I have never gotten over it I’m straight and love women only

    4. Yes i to enjoy the wearing of women’s lingerie and clothing,i love the feel and the smoothness of the lace and material,i only wear lace panties and sexy nities to bed,i enjoy wearing bra’s,slips,skirts,dresses any thing a woman wears i wear

    5. My boyfriend likes to wear womans lingerie. He didnt tell me right away.i found pictures on our computer and had to bring it up to him. I will be honest, i am still getting used to it. He says it makes him feel sexy, and femme. Those were his exact words so please dont think im judging. I love him.no matter what. I may not understand it completely right now…but i accept him wholly(spelling?) there are other behaviors that get me pondering about his sexual identity. But still i stand by him.and i always will. Weather he is trans, bi, or just feels sexy wearing it. If she loves you and you’re meant to be together then she will accept you no matter what. It may take her some time, but dont let that scare you. Good luck 🙂

    6. Why not at least start by relaxing and joking or making subtle references to it. Buy, say, mens satin boxers, briefs ot tangas. Be relaxed and wear them about the house and if you have privacy in your garden there too, flaunt it nonchantly – you may turn her on. My wife gets more saucy when she sees me in my designed for men satin undies.

    7. Go for it Paul first time I got interested was when I was in my late teens my Mum one day came into the living room , and proceeded to lift her skirt to put her stockings on thus showing every bit of her undergarments also revealed a gorgeous pair of silky vintage white knickers.. So my Mum was going out so after she left I was alone in the house. I could not wait to go through her lingerie drawer to my delight there was the exact same style she had been wearing when she was putting on her stockings..I decided to try them on to my amazement I couldn’t believe how soft and silky they were against my skin. Always wore them anytime no one was at home. Don’t know if my Mother ever knew. I’m now in my 70’s at long last I plucked up the courage to ask her too get me a couple of pairs on the internet similar to what my Mum wore. She is now allowing me to wear them in front of her .Usually have my zip down in the house so she can see I’m wearing she used normally be difficult when I used say about wearing knickers now it seems to be ok , and has stabilised our marriage. Go for it

    8. I told mine that I just woke up in it one morning. Didn’t remember putting it on at all but, it was so comfortable. Told her I couldn’t understand why she didn’t wear it more often. We hooked about it and she acted like she wanted to see me wear it. So, I put it on again a couple nights later after she was asleep, we share a bed but not a blanket. When she woke up I was covered up and she didn’t notice. We hooked about it a little more then, I went to bed early one night and got all dressed up in a babydoll top with garter straps, thigh high stockings and a thong. She accepted it, we even had sex. Now I wear some form of silk and lace every night. Good luck to you, I hope you can tell her and she accept it. Only now, it isn’t as much of a turn on. I think it’s because she knows. So consider that before you tell her.

  2. My wife knows and loves lingerie on me – especially if it’s designed for men.

    And: why do women wear bras? Some do even if they don’t need to, because of their breast size. So there is something different in play as well – at least for some women. Sometimes it might be to feel more feminine – guess what, that’s why some guys do it as well!

    It’s great that now brands like Homme Mystere produce wonderful, comfy and sexy lingerie for guys! I love your products and I hope for lots of sexy stuff in the future…

    1. I can’t tell you how much I didn’t love wearing lingerie and I was just told 3 of my friends female friends that I wear lingerie

  3. the reason for some men enjoying silky soft things is sensuality. I mean why should women be the only ones allowed to wear nice things. I mean it doesn’t make you gay or a transvestite. Does it?

      1. Apparently, in the 1930 (certainly in the UK) it was pink for boys and blue for girls. But I agree. What difference does it make? My ex and I dressed our son when he was a baby in neutral colours.

    1. Thanks for being so open minded. Some guys also like the idea of submitting into having wear what you women do in a kind of kinky understanding that you have to wear bras so if you should then why not make us. Otherwise yea the nice feeling of satin and lace can be just as nice to guys as girls.. i believe victorian males wore frilly and lacey shirts etc. Also women wear trousers and boxers. So why not men in bras and thongs 🙂 im glad your open minded and wish more people like you

      1. I have suffered with this question so many years of my life One thing that’s not being said here is that if the women push us away then men will be starting to explore other ways satisfy themselves with men who do the same and this is dangerous for us because that’s not who we are it’s very hard our souls

    1. I`ve been wearing CoCo Secrets satin panties now and then and the feel is terrific! My wife is cool with it and they do get me going and just the thought of having them on out in public and no one can really see that I have them on is so cool!

  4. I got here by accident while searching google for lingerie for my husband.
    I have had my husband wearing bras and panties for the past 6 years now as well as every other type of lingerie dresses makeup and accessories. I quite like him in his bra and panties or just lounging around the house with me in his tights and Tshirt. My hubby started developing small breasts in our third year of marriage due to a hormonal imbalance. After 12 months of further uneven breast development, useless Drs and talk of surgery and scars I instead suggested he keep them, develope and encourage their growth to something we could both be proud of and play with. He is now a 42c and they don’t look at all male when they are naked. We used several methods, creams, massaging and pills to enhance them and we are both extremely happy with his breasts. He doesn’t dress female all the time and is not really a cross dresser but every now and then I do dress him up from head to toe as my wife and we are very happily married and no real kinks to speak of except a few things I would actually like to see and try.
    I think any man who wants to wear a lingerie should do so with pride and should not feel out of place if he wanted to wear a bikini to the beach. My husband would look positively indecent on the beach if he didn’t.

    1. Hi Claire,

      What is it that turns you on about your other half wearing lingerie. I have worn bras and knickers for years, my wife helps me choose when out shopping but it’s a big no to have sex dressed in lingerie, how can I change her mind?

  5. My husband and I started doing fun “dress-up” back in the late 1980s on cold-snowy winter weekends, doing our own version of spa treatments and then dress elegantly for a lovely dinner with candles, fireplace, classical music, champagne. One of these got silly and he allowed me to dress him entirely in my clothes, lingerie, cute flats, jewelry, perfume, nail polish – and I even styled his long hair like a woman’s. And I had fun wearing his jockeys, t-shirt, socks, 3-piece vested suit with suspenders, dress shirt, wingtips, cologne, mousse in my hair plus his rings, watch, cuff links, tie clasp. Let’s just say we had a very fun dinner and evening. Over time, we did it more often, and he looked better and better to me as he kept himself very slim, shaved smooth all over, and wore all kinds of lingerie. Almost 30 years later, he still enjoys it, I enjoy it, it’s just for us – private, by ourselves. Not sure if he’d wear all the dainties under his jacket and tie to work each day??!!

  6. I wear it because it’s taboo and I feel really sexy and naughty wearing it under my real clothes
    I’ll also wear some womens jeans which actually fit better

  7. I started wearing panties in my early teens. Gradually I got into women’s blouses and slacks/jeans. then nightgowns and peignoirs and slips and garters,, girdles, pantyhose, nylons and thigh highs. Now I love to wear whatever I can get my hands on whenever I can. AT first it was mainly sexual i.e.: masturbation, but gradually I got to just love the “sensuality” of the clothes. My wife knows I like to cross dress but does not like the idea nor does she know the extent of my hidden wardrobe storage locker. I just love getting all dolled up and taking my other side out fro drinks and dinner at some very nice hugh end restaurant. Less bother at the high end place than the cheaper chain joints or local bars and clubs. Meet better class of people there too.

  8. I cannot speak for everyone out there in this world but I know that the main reason I wear women’s lingerie is because it just make me feel good. For there is something aabout the materials that lingerie can be made out of that feels great against ones skin. I know in particular for me it’s silk and satin lingerie that feels the best. I do however love other materials too like lace but I prefer satin and silky items more. If anyone has any items that they no longer want or can’t wear anymore I sure would love to receive them. Especially if they are bras, panties, and teddies/chemises. If you are willing to give them to me please reply back with your contact information. Thanks and have a great day.

    1. Hi there
      I read your darling post…yes why should sexy outfits just be for woman? I love that you are openminded and feel comfortable in womans lingerie…love to hear more about your passion….I also have some cute triangle top string tie bikinis…cute strappy summer tops and really cute lingerie panties and bras and sports bras that I no longer use that you may want…

      :Let me know

      1. Hi I love your post I’ve just let my partner know I’ve got a thing for womens underwear. I couldn’t believe it – she loves dressing me up we now and we shop together. I love the way it feels on me. I always thought I was strange but like people say if that’s what you like then its cool. Cheers

      2. I would love to have your items and would wear and. Enjoy i am looking for a girl to go bra and panties shopping in maryland

  9. Well I realy like the idia.I will order one set for me soon.Why men can not wear lingerie.If I could wear 24/7 and even at the beach I will more then happy,I am 100% straite men would like to wear women clothes but not all the place you are accepte

  10. There is a long way to go for crossdressing to become more socially accepted – and in fact it may never be totally accepted. There will always be those who mock and/or don’t understand. If you are discreet, if it is just for you, it’s harmless, if you have an understanding partner it is a real bonus.
    Lingerie feels lovely to wear. Mens underwear just doesn’t come close. It feels good, it offers some escapism in a difficult world.

  11. If a man likes to wear lingerie, what´s wrong with that? A man can wear dessous and lingerie under his men´s wardrobe and nobody will know. I like my hubby in lingerie and encouraged him to wear bra, panties and girdles. We both enjoy it. He loves the material and maybe he feels a bit feminine. So far it is not socially accepted. And this will not change in the near future.

  12. I love to wear lingerie! It feels so nice and sexy. The first time I tried on my room mates panties, I knew I was hooked like it was a drug!

  13. I’ve been wearing pvc for a while now, and now my girlfriend is wearing plenty of pvc too. Especially skirts & dresses. Many people come up to me when i’m wearing shiny black pvc pants & say good on you. If you like it wear it. No need to be ashamed, you can wear what you like.

  14. Wearing suspender belt and stockings feels naughty – a taboo for most people.
    My wife doesn’t know.
    It is a kinky personal secret – I don’t know whether my wife would understand.

  15. Hello, yes panties are the best and here’s my story. I was adopted but lived in a foster home until I was 4 and a half. I had 2 other sisters there (not real sisters) but the lady who took care of us never bought me stuff. I had to were what the girls wore and I always had panties. I only remember maybe the last year I lived there but I also have some photos of when I was younger and had them on. I had all types but mostly cotton back then but there were flowers on them I remember that much. I also had a pair that was super woman with the matching top. I remember once I was adopted I wanted to were it and my dad was pissed. My mom let me some as I think she was trying to make me happy as I was a super hero and didn’t know what girls stuff was at that age, panties were just normal. As I got older I didn’t know why but I never got over wanting to wear panties and would sneak pairs where I could get them from, yay for cousins. On to the future I was divorced in my early 30’s and was in a store and saw a pair that looked comfortable. One thing I have learned is wide crotch is best and so I bought them. I never felt so normal as I did in those. Many years and types and styles later I am a full brief wearing and I love Warners full briefs. The crotch is wide and sides are large enough if I need room and love the styles and patterns. I admit I like the floral designs sometimes as I think it goes back to what I felt normal in when I was younger. My wife has accepted this and is ok with it and has been for years. I hate men’s now as they are very thick, heavy and can be hot. I think sometimes why would men wear these if they knew how comfortable woman’s panties were. I say its comfort dressing not cross dressing. I know men who wear them for sexual reason, cross dressing and so and while I like its a bit taboo at times I think the world needs to change and accept that woman’s and men’s clothing can be changed. I also wear skirts around the house because the boys breath so much easier and also it get so hot here.

  16. I have been wearing panties for a few years now and I love it. They r so much more comfortable than boxers or any other male underwear. I don’t understand y it’s not accepted cuz panties have way more styles and materials. Now I wear bras, thigh highs, and garter belts and I love it and will be exploring more soon I can’t wait to get my first corset. I also wear women’s socks they are not as thick as men’s and just like panties a lot cooler in the summer. Women have been wearing our cloths n underwear for years and it’s ok so I don’t understand y can’t we have the same luxurious things as they do.

  17. What I havent seen yet… I enjoy wearing lingerie as well.. Not for sexuality or arousal. For me, it is a ‘stress reliever’. Nothing better at the end of the day than slipping into a cute nitie and panties. I feel so much better after. And contrary to popular belief.. you dont have to be ‘gay’ or ‘crossdresser’ or any other term to enjoy this lifestyle…

    1. And oh.. I am not gay or otherwise either. I simy enjoy ‘dressing up’. After all..why should girls have all the fun????

  18. I started wearing my sisters panties at age 4. At age 8 I started buying my own panties, bras, stockings and garter belts on a limited basis . At about 10 I started buying girdles, long-line bras and all in one crouch-less girdle underwear as my body developed more for wearing these items. At times I would sneak into my sisters room and took her long slip to-wear or crinoline,cancan, half slip to wear. I was always careful to place these items back in the same way that I found them.

    Mom’s allowances to all her kids was very generous so I was able to buy these items even at a tender young age. Part time jobs helping neighbors helped me buy foundation wear at age 10 and above.

    When we were all very young, mom insisted that all house work be shared equally by all of us including doing our own laundry.

    Thanks mom, by doing my own laundry meat keeping my secret fetish hidden from all family members.

    I still wear women’s clothes today !

  19. I started wearing my wife’s knickers when we started going out 17 years ago just out of interest to see what they were like i took a chance in asking if i could wear them when we were together because i liked it , she was happy for me to wear them when we were together at first but It didn’t take long for her to decide ( due to the fact there were never any knickers in her draw ) to buy me some so I had my own knickers . 17 plus years later were still happily married I wear lingerie all the time . I don’t see why women should just wear Sexy lingerie men should be able to as well . I did start of wearing just knickers but know I wear bra’s tights stokings etc . My wife and I love going shopping together for lingerie , she thinks I look Sexy when I wonder around in my bra and knickers . Although there are companies thar make lingerie for men I preference wearing women’s lingerie it is easier for my wife as well when she buys her own . I don’t think there is anything wrong with wearing lingerie if it’s what both of you want and are happy in doing it .

  20. I began to wear women’s underwear when I was approximately 13-14 years old, what began as a fascination for things girly turned into a love of all things girly. I started with knickers than progressed to bras, baby dolls, teddies, and even the odd bikini bottom. Sadly I found that the bottoms just did not accomodate my masculine form, but now I have a dress maker who modifies women’s knickers and thongs! Now I can wear all the knickers women wear including thongs, g strings, Brazilians, hipster you name it!

  21. I started wearing panties when I was about 10 and still do I love wearing panties and lace nighties or gowns pink is my favorite color and my ol lady allows me to wear them she also buys me panties and gowns. I love to wear them around the house and be her slave boy in them. We both like it and have fun with it.

  22. I am 61 year old man I love wearing my lingerie I have ever since I can remember I was married for 20 years before my wife passed away and we enjoyed each other in our lingerie and night gowns but since she has passed I have not found anyone who will accept me this way I do not want to quit wearing these items because I feel that is big part of my persona.

  23. I wear bras and panties because I love how they feel on my skin. I love the feeling of lace, satin, straps and padded cups as well as wearing silicone breast forms to fill my bras out. However, the main reason why I love wearing bras and panties is because these items have caressed the most sexual, intimate and luscious places on a woman’s body, and I love to feel these bras and panties that have caressed her body caressing mine.

  24. After turning 40 I started to develop breasts. At the beginning I found it rather strange. It took me some time to accept my breasts as part of my body. My wife was very supportive and recommended to wear a bra. At first I refused but then I followed her advice and the bra was a relief. Now I wear a bra and a girdle every day. I am accustomed to wear my bra in public and no longer care if my projection is visible.

  25. I just found out that my boyfriends likes to wear lingerie but also with men. Trying to be open minded but not quite sure how to go about getting there. I love him.

    1. Hi, Disne.
      Your boyfriend is a human being. You fell in love with him, right?
      I know it may feel “weird” to you. But, he is the same guy you fell in love with. So? He has a “kinky” side! There’s nothing wrong with him or with having that “kinky” side! In fact, he’s better for it!
      I am bisexual, or in more current lingo, I am pansexual- in that I am turned on by women, by men, by cross dressers, by transsexuals including those part way through the transformation… I have no gender boundaries. I am extremely open-minded… I am not effeminate, nor am I macho.
      I am an almost 54 year old man who is engaged to a beautiful, wonderful woman who loves me for who I am.
      She fully knows that I am pan-, she fully knows that I (like far more men than I feel are willing to admit) love to wear panties, thigh highs, and other lingerie items that are meant for women, that are socially accepted as only for women.
      She supports me completely, therefore, I continue to wear my panties (and such items as thigh highs sometimes) daily. She even buys them for me. She thinks I look hot in them.
      Personally, I don’t come close to being passable as a female… I wish I could pass as one! If so, I would fully crossdress out in public on “date nights”. I know if that were possible, my Lady would be all for it and help me.
      I started into wearing panties, bras, pantyhose and sometimes even fully in dresses or a skirt and top at a very young age. I would, whenever home alone as a kid (which was okay back in those days being left home alone in preteen years) go into my Mum’s and my sisters’ underwear drawers and strip down and put on their lingerie and outfits. When I knew I’d be home alone for quite awhile, I’d walk around the house dressed to any level that way until it was time to put their clothing back as I found it. (As a side note, back then, my Mum and sisters didn’t have anything very sexy, lacy, silky, etc. it was pretty much plain-Jane cotton, etc. but that didn’t matter, though I did wish they had nicer stuff!)
      When I got a bit older, I would very often babysit my nephew for one sister. She did, by that time, get into wearing far sexier stuff. So, even though my nephew was awake, he was too young to know or care, much less say anything, the moment I knew it was safe, I would dress in my sisters lingerie and outfits and stay that way for the entire time until I knew I had to put her stuff away. As my nephew got older, I had to wait until he went to bed.
      I stopped wearing panties and all for quite a few years, because I had gotten married to a prude who wouldn’t “get it”. I did wear hers while she wasn’t home, though.
      In later years, after divorce, I began wearing panties daily, buying my own, and the occasional pantyhose. I would wear them under my clothing out and about all day every day, even at work.
      Another relationship, and lost that part of me, except wearing hers whenever I could. That relationship ended, and I began to wear them again, having taken some of hers when I left.
      A new relationship with a bisexual young girl, who knew my love of wearing her panties and all because she came home unexpectedly while I was wearing a baby doll of hers. Surprised ar first, but she quickly came to enjoy it. When we split up, she left quite a bit of her clothing at my place, which I gladly continued to wear- panties and sometimes thigh highs daily out and about and at work, and nighties and all at night when home. (My sister came to visit from Massachusetts for a few days. She saw the panties and all in my place as well as saw the erotic photos and other items I had for decor of both men and women. Didn’t seem to phase her much… LOL)
      When my Fiancee and I started talking as friends, we talked about very deep and very personal things. The fact that I am pan-, and so is she, the fact that I love to wear women’s panties and all, and so much more came up in extensive and numerous conversations. She fell in love with me for who I am, all inclusive.
      To summarize, still love him, be supportive, and even find your own enjoyment in who he is. Do not turn him away or deny him his own person. Such things may well bring you both closer in ways you can’t imagine!

  26. it all started with me borroving my sisters panties, when i was 13 years old. i am now 70 and except for a few years have been in panties ever sinse. One day i run out of clean undervare,so i had to borrow my vifes. a few days later she said “we better boy some panties for you”, and so we did. to day i have 300 pair of panties, 52 bras, 30 nightgovns, bodystockinga, corsets and stockings. i only vare normal mens cloth, but some of my nightgovns are realy dresses, that i like to vare some day. i have got prostatacanser, and therefore have to get some female injektions. this gave me some small brests, which i like. now i vant them to get bigger.

  27. I have never liked mens standard dreadfully ordinary and boring pants.
    The word ‘Pants!’ Pretty much somes it up.
    So I’ve always bought what would be termed out of the ordinary. Something that probably does have that lacy or satin feel. General consensus is to laugh at a man that wears what is termed ‘panties’, as its not macho. Well I can tell you something, I am macho and I am also the proud owner of several sets of lingerie which I love wearing and my girlfriend is jealous of. She also likes me in the bras that I have from this site and I feel very comfortable wearing them.
    Look at the huge range of lingerie available to women! Why not men? People should start to accept that a lot of men also like to feel sexy in what they wear underneath. And should not be looked upon as being ‘weird’.

  28. Where can I find a blog and/or chat room to talk about being straight and wearing lingerie? I see that there is one here, but i’m looking for some more input. I recently told my wife and she is “OK” with it, but I really would like her to like it……. not to mention i’m confused myself………..

    1. D. Just recently started wearing women’s knickers myself. I’m single, but understand your situation. If this helps you, I’m heterosexual and proud of it. I love women, sleeping with them, waking up with them, touching them, loving them. But men’s underwear is pants. I stopped wearing boxers four years ago and have no regrets. Women’s underwear, in my opinion, is far superior: soft, sensuous, comfortable, and feels great against my… well, let’s say I prefer knickers. Flippantly: get your wife to wear Y-fronts and then see what she thinks. There are some good comments on here from both men and women. It’s very encouraging. I would like to find a forum for guys like us. Perhaps we should start one. 🙂 Good luck, mate.

    2. D. There is nothing abnormal about wearing lingerie or to be ashamed of. It is a normal integral part of you which has emerged. Embracing it rather than trying to suppress it gives you peace of mind and enjoyment. Dressed in lingerie or not you are still the very same person. Your contentment with your life is paramount and if this must include wearing women’s lingerie then continue to do so. As you have indicated your wife is ok with it. The more you continue wearing lingerie the more you will notice it being a very normal part of you. Best wishes. Wayne.

  29. I love wearing knickers ,panties in US I really can not see what is wrong with it I feel so sexy wearing bikini briefs ,high leg breifs,and thongs oh who Whaw! is it really the crime of the century I do wish someone will tell my wife that.

  30. I have discarded all my rather uninteresting mens’ underwear and now possess and wear only ladies’ knickers. Most would not attract attention in a changing room at the gym/pool but I do have some rather nice lilac lacy stuff etc. Much more comfortable. Much more variety. Much more sexy. I shall never go back.

    1. Andrew. Totally agree! Ditched my boxers four years ago. Been a commando ever since. But the feel of knickers. You’re so right. More choice, more style, and more sex appeal! Can’t beat it! 🙂

  31. Why is the grass green? I love wearing my sensually snug panty girdles and nylons because they feel so exciting. Long before I wore my sister’s rayou panties I’d had a practice of masturbating with the satin hem of my blankets. What’s the difference? Shame only increases the tittilation level.Sneaking as well.I always suspected I had a higher sex-drive, and a much higher love of all things feminine. At sixty-nine years I am too old to apologize for something that has brought so much pleasure. Count me out loud as an avowed card-carrying girdle nut of about sixty years standing Happily guilty as accused!. I honestly can’t understand how any man wouldn’t be a panty-thief – they must not have the same nerve-endings as I do. Sadly no skirts among the fair sex usually now, but I’ll die loving my snuggly girdles and silky gartered nylons. Call me weird – it’s your problem not mine. You’ve probably got repressed girdle-envy! Jealousy is so unbecoming.

  32. I find women’s panties very comfortable to wear and it makes me feel very sexy. The lace and pretty touches add to the sexy feeling I get. I am jealous that men don’t have more breast size to be enhanced by the pretty bras that I see. Although I like to have a feminine looking body I am happy as a man with a taste for feminine underthings.

  33. I love wearing knickers what is wrong whith that why should women have the monopoly on wearing lovely lingerie.I really love to wear high leg briefs , Brasiliean briefs,thongs.so what is wrong with that?.I even like looking down on my knickers round my ankles when I am on the wc (yes I sit down to urinate)female undies are so diverse in texture,style couloir and patterns.why can’t men’s underwear be the same.

    1. Hi Ted. Hands across the water! I put some knickers on last night that weren’t thong but the seem went up my bum. What a lovely sensation! I’ve been sitting down to pee for years and taught my son to do it too. It’s more hygienic. Like you I love seeing those briefs round my ankles. I still think knickers look better on women, but I love the sensuous feel, and I think I look good in the knickers, and the 15 denier black tights, I have. Being single, I have no problems with ‘someone else’ knowing. It’s about me and no-one else. A the moment I have some midis and lacy boy-shorts but I’m going to branch out (I bought a suspender belt last night). Do you have any suggestions and tips? K

      1. I haveI just come off holiday my lovely wife who has finally recognised I l love wearing knickers it has been heaven wearing them 24 7 even in the room.Walking about in the room wearing my knickers was such a turn on oh whow.

  34. I like the stuff you have and from time to time my wife let’s me wear panties for the day. I am hopeful that I get to wear them more often as she becomes more accepting. I would love to see your site make some sleepwear like short and long nightgown and some pajamas in all types of material.

  35. I am 85. Have been in sisters knickers since depression days of 1933 — when everything was rationed –== including clothing —- that meant “hand me downs”. I am widowed now but still use these pants. I have been lucky that my deceased wife understood and was happy to help me buy.

  36. I really am pleased for the guys whose wifes understand, and will even in some cases purchase undergarments for their husbands/partners.
    I am however, not so lucky, my wife really hates the fact that i like to wear her panties.
    i would love to have a conversation with her about the things that i lke, but her mind is closed.

  37. In some of the earlier posts, I read something about the color of woman’s clothes vs. a man’s. There was a great article recently in “The Art of Manliness.” It has all the facts associated with pink vs. blue. The truth is that pink and every color associated with it, was a man’s color for over a thousand years, up until the late 1800’s. Woman always wore blue and colors associated. The color battle has come and gone over the years, and will continue. Females often ask me why I have a pink mug, pen, iPad cover, etc. I enjoy having the chance to educate them on the history of color. The big fact remains that it’s just a color, and pink has been proven to release the “good” chemicals in your brain.

    Speaking of thousands of years ago, silk and satin were reserved for royalty. Men were the rulers back then, and wore silk and derivatives to adorn themselves. It wasn’t until much later that women of wealth started dressing in the same materials.

    On a separate note, any time we wear the designated other sexes clothing type, we are cross-dressers. Back in the 80’s, girls wore guys boxers as shorts as a fashion statement. They were all cross-dressing. Every time my GF wears one of my shirts, she is cross-dressing. Society needs to relax on the whole, cross-dressing is a bad thing. Most people cross-dress without even knowing it. Men were the first to wear skirts, and did so for hundreds of years before any female thought to try one on. Pants were always a male item of clothing. Now both genders wear pants.

    I personally love the feeling of silk, satin and other fine materials. I believe that if more men simply wore what we consider “woman’s” panties for a day, they would understand why woman don’t wear boxer shorts. I love bras because they are quite sexy, and make me feel excited and happy. I also have gynecomastia which happened after about the age of 35. My GF does not like the fact that I wear lingerie, but she somewhat accepts it, because she accepts me for who I am.

  38. i am not gay and i am sure i am very happy to be a man. I just like wearing panties (thongs) because they are comfortable, airy, fun, the variety is endless, and i feel sexy.

  39. I told my wife and now I get to wear them around the house. So much fun. Panties feel so great on my skin.

    1. my wife caught me trying hers on…
      she laughed.i was upset
      two days later she gave me a package, 3 pairs of shiny stretchy soft panties
      she kissed me smiled and said simply
      ‘sorry i laughed ,i hope these fit’
      no problrm

      1. You are one of the lucky ones, when my wife found my stack of panties she got really mad, she cried, she thought they were from another woman I was seeing. We had a couple of big discussion over this.

  40. Lingerie has no gender….

    But because it does, I think this is the attraction a lot of males have with lingerie…

    The fact we are slammed with images of beautiful females wearing such beautiful lingerie makes us wanna get as close to it as we can, Some of us step over the line & start wearing it ourselves for whatever reason…

    I love the different types of garments that we as men don’t get in our selection of clothes, The fabrics are devine, I love the feel on my skin & the final no one really knows what i have on underneath my clothes so it doesn’t really matter..

    I just wish there were more accepting females in society of men who love lingerie, After all ladies, If you have a man who loves lingerie & you love him all the same (Think about it, Its harmless to everyone) He will buy you the most amazing lingerie you could ever ask for & if he’s treated right, He will never leave you & will have the most ultimate respect for you.

    1. Hey Jorgina I have been wearing panties everyday for many many years an happily married my wife knows about it an she’s fine with it lm also 57years old

  41. I can’t explain it but I love wearing women’s panties and bras I am an older male I just love the way it feels. I wish I was born a woman and I really love the way panties and bras feels

  42. Why do guys love lingerie? A question not easy to answer. Is it the fine material? Yes, maybe. But I think it has something to do with nibbling from the forbidden fruit. A man who wears a girdle and stockings, panties or a bra breaks a toboo.
    Many of us start in their teens. So did I. I was always fascinated by the sheer glance of my mother´s stockings. So one day I had to try them. And to hold them I had to wear a girdle too. What an experience. The tightness of the girdle, the restriction, the tugging of the garters with every step. I remember it as if it were yesterday. A Playtex 18 hour girdle. After the first try I was hooked. I sneaked into my mother´s lingerie drawer whenever possible and became a girdle addict. Later I tried to give up but it did not work.
    Till today, more than 40 years later, the girdle has not lost his magic for me. For the last 20 years I have been wearing a girdle almost every day. My wife found out early. We are now married for over 30 years and she not only accepted my wearing she likes it. She made me wear a bra too. I accustomed to the bra very fast. I love it to fill my cups with forms and show some projection. Others may find it a bit kinky but we find it thrilling when we go out and both wear girdle, bra and stockings underneath. At home we love the sensation when our stockinged legs rub on each other.
    Furthermore I found out, that I do not want to leave the house without my girdle. I simply feel not properly dressed. The term girdle dependency that you read about in many forums is correct. But for me this addiction is positive. Girdle wearing has a lot of benefits.

  43. I love wearing knickers (panties). They are so much softer than what guys get. I don’t know why but lately I’be also been interested in wearing a bra.

  44. What on earth is wrong which me wearing knickers I love them it is not crime of the century I have about 60 pairs thongs,high leg briefs Brazilian briefs bikini briefs and mini briefs.All I in varying couloirs prints and patterns.they are really lovely to wear.come on guys if you have not tried it go for it get in touch with your fame in side you may be surprised.

  45. Wearing gorgeous underwear is the same for both sexes. Makes you feel good and sexy! And why not, I mean who in their right mind would wear plain old white y fronts after wearing some frilly or lace underwear? Enough said!

  46. I started wearing women’s lingerie (panty, bra, camie, skirt, top and even sanitary napkis for over 6 years). Though felt bad at times and bunt the whole stuff on several occasions, I again started buying and accumulating. They are just very good on me- the soft material, the softness, the design and the colours. When a girl wearing pant& shirt or any men”s stuff none questions, where as why people make it a issue, i fail to understand. they just right on me and I love them. The also reminds me of my feminine nature. Yeas it gives also a caressing and small positive reassuring pressure on my privates, which I love!

  47. i wear panties because they are damn comfortable…so long as they support my pods and stretch
    in other places..any one says i’m a poof…meet me 3 o’clock ….rugby club…bring your boots

  48. My wife is away visiting family. I did the laundry and put away the things. For some reason I tried on a pair of her panties – WOW!! They felt so good. I wore then the rest of the day and on the next day went shopping. I am a 68 year old male – wore bland, boring white cotton briefs all my life – until the last three days. I went to a ‘larger women’s store’ (LB) and picked out five pairs of beautiful, colorful, sensuous panties. I love the feel – even with only five pairs I find I have five “favorite” panties!!! Loving this totally new and exciting experience!!!

    1. Hi. I am also 68. Divorced from a boring wife. Met a young lady of 42. Well things took off after this. She wears silk panties and one day at work I told her she had a sexy bum. She said it must be my panties, oh I said, yeah they are silky ones. I interesting with a wide smile. She looked at me and asked if I wanted to wear them, well this was out the blue. I choked and said yeh. The next day at work she gave me a bag, I asked what’s this, she said you know, wear them tomorrow for me, I was amazed she wanted me to. The next day I wore them, boy did they feel great. We met and she asked if I had them on, she felt them on my bum and smiled, do you like them, I said, oh yes very nice. Good she replied. Get some them and wear them for me.
      Since then we have been shopping many times and she has pushed me forward to becoming a crossdresser 24/7. She loves it. She has bought herself a dick and wears it most days. I have painted nails 24/7 toes and fingers.
      To the point. Before this I was strait wearing boring hard and rough mens clothes. Now after two years I wear nothing else but panties, bras, stockings, skirts, blouses, the lot.
      So. If it is ok for women to wear slack, shirts and boxers, why the hell can’t men wear panties, bras and stockings. The world is changing and for men to wear lingerie is not dirty, it’s the way things are. She does like me naked for sex, we agree this. And I can also dress up for sex, so we both enjoy our needs. I do know for a fact she enjoys me dress up in lingerie as she is more turned on but has never said, but, I know she is. So you guys, go panty shopping and enjoy the feel of silk or nylon on your skin. Oh yeah. I have size C silicone breasts I wear all the time and a size A to go out in under boring men clothes, wear panties and stockings too. Would not change this for the world.
      PS. We are both very happy and love each other to bits.

  49. After wearing women’s lingerie and outerwear most of my life, I finally discovered that my interests in feminine things was deeply rooted in my sexual identity and sexuality, which is more feminine than masculine. Today, I wear lingerie daily, simply because I find it more comfortable, more sensual, and more appropriately matched to my inner self-identity. I don’t consider myself a perv, or a deviant, or gay for that matter. I’m just a guy with a feminine libido, and I express my inner urges and feelings through my choices in clothing, among other things.

    1. Rhonda
      Exactly the point. Entering your fem side is no crime and expressing your needs is no crime. Finding my fem side was great, the feeling is great and I now find my men underwear is redundant , so it has been binned. I do not, like you, find it gay, a fetish or diverse. Lucky for me my partner backs me and likes me in fem clothes.
      I am just about to go out in full lingerie, A size boobs, fem jeans and jumper.
      Be proud of who you are. I am.
      Good luck

    2. Yes, be proud, to be a girly guy. When confiding with a female work associate [she was a psychologist] I was enlighten by her to the fact that I am a male lesbian. I love sex with women, love being a female who has a dick and dresses as a female. My wife helps me buy female clothing and lingerie and takes me for who I am, bless her and love her. Only put male pants on when going to the doctors, would really like to tell the world that i’m a chick with a dick.

      On a hot summers day years ago, once dared to go to a local store dressed in white blouse, white bra and false boobs, 38C, knickers, stockings and suspender belt, female trousers and girly flat shoes. Female shop assistant and other people never even noticed what I was wearing, should i do it again at the risk of being seen by someone who knows me. Sod it, yes I will.

      Discovered my real, me at age of 6 or 7, have always wanted to be female but do need to keep my penis, had even contemplated breast implants, maybe one day. At 67 years old I am pleased about who and what I am.

  50. I am a straight man.
    I love wearing mens designer knickers /panties.
    I’m know has the bodyguard in and out of work
    , wearing knickers / panties helps me chill.
    They are lovely and soft and lovely and comfortable.
    I have a lovely understanding wife and the lady who designs my knickers / panties is lovely and understanding too.
    I will not wear anything else apart from knickers / panties which are designed for men.

  51. I knew that wearing female underwear would never be accepted but that didn’t ease the longing.

    Online lingerie retailers made life a bit easier and experimenting was great fun, although I always had to admit that female undergarments usually look a lot better encasing parts of a female body.

    What really sold it for me, apart from the delicious delight of feeling a bit female, was the sensation of the softer fabrics. Now, thankfully, one or two manufacturers of men’s underwear have cottoned (or microfibred) on to this and are producing wonderfully comfortable garments that have that ‘feel good’ factor. I think they would also look stunning on a female body.

    The taboo element never really had a catalytic effect. The desire to feel feminine once in a while always did. Some of us do not fit the ultra-macho male persona template and are inclined more towards the female end of the spectrum.

    I shall always feel a lot more comfortable socially in the company of women. If the way in which I dress helps that, it is my choice and I am the sole beneficiary. It simply does not affect anybody else. I just love the feel and look of some female undergarments.

    I feel sorry for people who are unable to accept that other people are not ‘mainstream’. As long as we enjoy these things harmlessly, we should be allowed to express ourselves however we wish.

    Finally, I must say a word of real appreciation about the women who have contributed so very positively to this thread. Thank you, ladies. 🙂

  52. Hi Nick.
    I agree with your ( I feel sorry for people) paragraph. The amount of females who wear men’s boxers, jeans, shirts, jumpers etc has escalated over the years. Does anyone stare at them, no. Does anyone remark about them, no. So why, in heavens name are men scorned upon if the wear female garments, in particular lingerie. My partner wears boxers, men jeans etc and no one gives her a second look. Puzzles me why we men are classed as odd balls.
    Thank god I have a very loving and understanding partner, who loves to see me in fem clothes, lingerie, nails painted etc.
    Come on society open your eyes. I read these threads and see the anguish in some and the pleasure it brings.

  53. Im not gay but love wearing sexy underwear, I don’t understand why they don’t make sexy underwear for men, its such a turn on especially wearing them out I have a permanent semi.

  54. My husband loves to wear sexy lingerie and I love to see it on him – it’s a real turn on for both of us! He likes the way it feels on his skin as do I. I don’t think it feminizes him. He’s got a cute backside and it is accentuated by the lace. He’s got great looking legs so the garter belt with stockings looks superb! He doesn’t wear them to work (he is a physician) for fear if he got into an accident and had to go to the ER and get undressed, people would not understand. That is a shame for why shouldn’t a man want to look fabulous in sexy underwear? Women wear them!

    1. Joan I just want to thank you for being so understanding and support for your husband choices I wish could be more women like you.

    2. You two sound just like me and my wife.
      I love wearing my knickers and my wife loves me wearing them too.
      So good on you two.
      There nothing better than knowing that you partner excepts you no matter what your fetish is, as long as no one is not harming anyone then that’s what relationships are all about.
      My knickers are specially designed for me by a lovely lady, yes lady.
      I will never go back to wearing men’s pants

    3. Joan your understanding and insight embracing and supporting your husbands love of sexy lingerie, garter belt and stockings is wonderfully refreshing. Your comments are very inspiring to me. Thank you sincerely. Wayne.

  55. I never felt comfortable telling any one but then my gf let me have sex with her in her thong and it turned us both on like crazy

  56. I love wearing panties and have been since I was very young. I have kept it a secret till not long ago. I had been dating my gf for over a year and decided I did not want to hide it anymore and just confront her about it. I told her one evening and it ended terribly! She was in tears and said you did not understand why I liked to do what I do and questioned my sexuality. I’m not gay at all but she tells me if she saw me wearing panties, it would be a massive turn off for her. I love her but at the same time, I want to feel supported and comfortable to be able to wear lingerie. Now she doesn’t mention it at all and avoids any topic of talking about underwear. What should I do….?

    1. Dump her and find an understanding girl! She wear shirts and trousers, flat shoes even boxer type knickers so what’s the problem! Life is too short, find a more open minded soul mate.

      1. Easier said than done Phil. Maybe I should just start wearing lingerie around her and see if she gets used to it?

    2. Steve,

      How about some useful advice. There are several documentaries about clothing throughout history. Catch them when they are on or stream them. Try to do so while you are both there to watch. Use it as a conversation starter. You’ll find that most of the clothing women wear today was traditionally mens clothing. A lot of it became acceptable during the womens lib movement. You can use it to open a line of discussion about how clothing has changed and how women gained the ability to wear men’s clothing. It is a short jump from there and should be far less shocking to your GF.

  57. I also like wearing panties. I feel very comfortable and it keep things excited all the day. I feel very energetic and i feel my love is always behind me. I myself purchase them and sometimes pair of panties to wife also. She loves me to bring some. I wear panties when having sex with wife and don’t care weather she know or don’t. She knows that I love sexy panties wearing her. Normally i am wearing panties looking gents underwear to some extent. However I love to wear others as well and cannot do in front of wife and other family members.


  58. I am a Home maker husband first time my wife gifted me the men lingerie for our 1st wedding anniversary & told me to wear to night after shaving the private areas. accordingly I did & she liked a lot. afterwards I always wear men lingerie & this improves sex feeling of both of us

  59. Why can’t a guy weare panties? Especially when they fit better and are a way more comfortable than guys underwear. I’ve tried a few different brands, some are better than others. When I find the right pair they are soft, comfortable, conform to my body and are so light weight I forget that I’m even wearing any underwear.

  60. Experimenting with womens clothes happens at an early age – im 14 and ive been secretly wearing them for years now

  61. I like wearing panties not because it’s for women. Actually I buy panties that are made for men. I wear them because they are more comfortable, smooth feeling of fabric, and the look when I’m wearing it. And also I don’t wear other feminine dresses and do not wear heals or make up like cross dressers.

  62. I just LOVE wearing black knickers ( full brief ). I have enjoyed this for so many, many years, and still get so much pleasure from the soft,smooth, stretchy, sensuous feel of them. For me it is black knickers EVERY day, mmmmmmmmm.

  63. I started with my mother´s girdle and stockings a long time ago at the age of 14 or 15. After a few tries I was hooked. Her lingerie drawer become something like a holy shrine for me. Whenever possible I took one of her girdles and a pair of stockings. Later pantyhose came along. A few years later I started wearing only women´s lingerie. Today, forty years later I can hardly imagine to go without girdle. It has never lost it´s magic for me. A few years ago I started wearing bras too.

  64. Same here, I got started enjoying silky fabrics as a young teen. I chased a ball into my neighbors yard and went to retrieve it, by cutting thru her laundry, drying on the line in her yard. As I ran thru the laundry, a one of her slips, brushed against my face and I paused to enjoy the feeling. It was very pleasant, soft and the scent of fresh laundry. Later I went back and took the slip from the line and hide it in my room. When my parents were gone, I stripped down, laid on the bed and draped the slip over my body and became very aroused. I was hooked.

    Once I was collecting bills on my paper route, and a customer (I beleive the lady was divorced) asked me to meet her at the back door to give me a check. As I was standing in her laundry room, I noted several pair of pretty panties. I couldn’t help myself, and picked up a pair to feel. As she came into the room, I immediately dropped them, but she saw me. Man, that was embarrassing. She threaten to call my parents and I pleaded not to. She said I needed to be punished and to return later in the week. She made me remove all my clothes, and had me hand wash and dry a weeks worth of panties. That was not only embarrassing, but exciting. To dry, she held a hand/hair dryer in front of me, and I had to hold each pair of panties in my hands and slowly rotate them, until they were dry. The warm feeling of those panties made me even more erect. Then came the real punishment, I was made to bend over the back of a chair, a pair of panties was placed over my head covering my face, and a leather belt was taken to my butt. That’s when I knew this was an addiction. I kept and erection thru the entire spanking. The feel and scent of those panties covering face, helped my endure the belting.

    Later in my 20’s, I started collecting all sorts of lingerie , negligees, baby-dolls. Then I got into petticoats. Soft, fluffy , chiffon petticoats. My favorite fabric is silk organza.

  65. Having first worn knickers aged of five I now only own women’s underwear. Working in a mainly female industry, it feels good to think I’m wearing the same as all the other women under our uniforms.

  66. I just recently told my girlfriend that I like wearing women’s panties and she is okay with it butt I now have more than she does and I only have like 8 or 9 pair which some of those I had to buy just to see if I like them some of them I do some of them I don’t but I’m finding more and more that like to wear them everyday

  67. I started out of fun. Some time ago, after I turned 40 I realised that I developed man boobs. Now wearing a bra is not fun it is a necessity. I wear matching bras and panties. And a girdle. I think bra and girdle go together.

  68. I started wearing panties when i was about12. My older sister and her best friend decided one summer afternoon that it would be fun to dress me up in some of their old clothes. My first outfit was a mini skirt, blouse, garter belt, bikini panty and hose. they introduced me to our mom as their younger sister and she thought it was funny. This became a regular event. Mom decided that since i could wear their old panties there was no need to buy boys underwear. I have worn panties ever since. My wife of 45 years knew that i wore panties before we we were married. At first she felt that it was strange but after a few weeks she accepted it and even bought me panties.
    I am not gay . I like nylon or other stretch fabrics because they stretch to hold men better.

  69. Been wearing panties for close to 50 years. My mum purchased 3 pair for me when I was 14, after she caught me too many times in hers or my sisters. There were rules though, I could only wear them at home and could not tell anyone j had them.

    1. Cool I had my sisters pass me downs from age six till mum bought me some one Xmas when I was ten still wher them now I’m 52

  70. I intended the lingerie to be for her, but she complained it was uncomfortable, trashy etc. So I just had it laying around. I like the look of it, the feel, so after 15 years of marriage I started wearing it. Then I explored different styles, ways to hold up stockings and discovered OBGs.
    After 20 years I told my wife and she told me off for not telling her earlier, saying “you don’ t really know me, do you – it doesn’t matter”.
    What did matter though was when I wore to bed a simple silk chemise, that she said was more feminine then her.
    We split six months later.
    It’d be nice to recognise that they are just clothes, and like a painting can be appreciated for it’s beauty as well as the sensuality.

  71. Like many other men who commented already, I wear lingerie because of how it feels and how it makes me feel. I’ve been wearing all the various styles of bras and I have taken a liking to the padded bras. It takes a bit to get them to fit right but after wearing them a few times and making the proper adjustments, they fit great and gives me that feel great feeling. I’ve also been intrigued with the other types of lingerie like babydolls, camis, and teddys and I’ve been purchasing a few of those as well. I especially love sleeping in my Anneve babydoll. I also wear tights and stockings during the winter time and enjoy wearing them with the garters and suspenders.

    Hopefully some day I can find a woman who loves lingerie as much as I do and would enjoy sharing it with me. It’s just another one of those things to talk about and I suppose the sooner the better. Talk about it in general first before dropping the bombshell on her. But if the love you share for each other is real strong and you both fully accept each others quirky behaviors and/or shortcomings, then she should be willing to accept your like of lingerie even if she doesn’t want to participate with you. I would hope most times it does work out but for the times it doesn’t work out, maybe it’s for the best. Just my humble opinion.

  72. Hey I’m a regular panty wearer I love it and recently told my girlfriend and she was so turned on by it that we wear matching knickers now

  73. I have been wearing all sorts of lingerie for 20+ years. Camisoles and slips are my favorite but I do have a wide variety of panties, robes and a pretty bra.

    I wear lingerie as a form of stress release since I feel so comfortable in it. Nothing like getting into bed with a pretty camisole, half-slip and panties after a stressful day. Lucky for me my GF is completely fine with it. In fact, it’s been a wonderful addition to our intimacy. One side of my closet all guys wear, the other side full of slips, camis, blouses and silky robes.

    Gender roles are changing. Guys wearing women’s clothes almost the norm. Trans people everywhere. Lingerie for men coming to be the norm soon also.

    There’s somewhat of a rush knowing you’re wearing women’s clothes. I wonder if lingerie for men will take away from that? Til then, camisoles for me!

  74. Feel all of you guys… I have a pvc fetish. Love wearing my red catsuit to sleep. Just wish society didn’t care so much or else I’d wear it in public too. The feel of pvc against my skin is so sensual.

  75. My fascination with panties started at a young age. I was about 11 or 12 and my sister almost 14 and she would walk around the house wearing her bikini panties and her gown. I was mesmerized by the sheer sexiness of the panties she wore, her bra intrigued me and I liked the feel of her gown, so one day when I was alone I sneaked a pair of her satin panties and a bra out and tried them on. The sensations of pleasure, comfort and the new-to-me arousal this 12 year old boy experienced simply overwhelmed me. I was hooked and kept those pairs for years. That was 1983.

    FF to 2016.
    To this day I wear bras, panties, teddies, nightgowns, dresses, slips, skirts, camisoles and other women’s naughty undies and love it. In all actuality, I love women’s underwear SO much that I have my own bra and lingerie business as well.
    My wife knows as I told her about 9 years ago and while she isn’t turned on by it, she’s very understanding, supportive, let’s me wear it during sex, and if I don’t wear it during sex, she asks me if I want to.

    Why do I wear women’s underwear? For a few reasons. Comfort, sexiness, I like to look sexy, and of course, I wear women’s underwear ONLY if they have been worn previously by a woman for the sexual arousal knowing that this clothing has caressed the most sensual spots on a woman’s body. If a woman hasn’t worn the bra or panties, it’s just another piece of cloth. So my bras and panties must be pre-owned.

    1. I agree with Panty Master. If the panties and intimate garmets I wear have not been worn by a woman they mean nothing to me. Once I ran an ad in a little unknown local paper – trade 2 new pair for 1 used clean pair & a PO Box #. The response was so great I had to close my box and make a cancellation statement in the paper. I must admit though, it was wonderful and I enjoyed slipping each pair on in the nude, looking in the mirror.m everywhere. I got started putting on my Mom’s stuff sometimes when they were out. Once I fell asleep in bed with her negligee on & they came home. I stayed in bed, which I guess seemed strange to my Dad & he said let’s have some dessert & to my horror he pulled the covers back.
      Asked what I was doing & I fumbled with words of felt good, etc. My Mom drug him away to the other room & nothing was ever said. I was hooked though. Not long after, I saw our neighbor hanging her laundry out, she was a rather rotund woman.s I went out & got 2 pair off the line & put them on over my clothes which did nothing for me, but she saw & caught me. She made me promise if I didn’t do it again she wouldn’t tell my Mom.
      Personally I love the excitement putting on a girl/ladies undergarments in the nude, usually very quickly for
      lack of time at their homes while we were visiting or they were at my house & lived close by.
      Another fun thing is to go to a large dept store & look thru their things, even ask a clerk a question or two. Than tell her they don’t have exactly the style or size you want but wondered if she’d call the other store & if they had it, to put a hold on it with my first name. The fun continued when I went to the other store, got the clerk & my panties on hold, tried them on & usually didn’t buy them for one reason or another. Often this would lead into conversation about panties & other ladies silky’s, the fact my Mom & Wife bought/buy them for me even now and so on. I explain why & they blush a little but want to talk some more. It’s all sex with me.

  76. I don’t remember when it started. As long as I can remember. I used to dig through the laundry basket looking for my mom’s silkies. Mostly a slip. My enjoyment of these items was quite infrequent as availability of them was very limited. As time went on I discovered different sources but still very limited. After I got married, I had a new source. This was great but my wife caught me one day with one of her nightgowns. She was totally unprepared for that and unaccepting. This was many years ago and her acceptance has not changed so I have become resolved to enjoy the pleasures on the sly. I envy those of you who’s wives do accept it. My passion is long full flowing wide sweep nightgowns. I have on occasion enjoyed panties & slips but what I really love is lots and lots of soft silky nylon or satin encasing my body. I love the feel of it on my skin and the yards of sensuous softness swishing and swirling againt my body. I dont care for lace or tight fitting bodice. I have no desire to look or feel like a woman. I just love being encased in silky softness. Most of my enjoyment is limited to wearing nightgowns under my work clothes. I almost always have at least one on. Usually two as the sensation of the fabric sliding over itself on my body really stimulates me. Wish I ould wear them to bed and lounge aroud the house in them.

  77. Hi I’m david I’m 47 and in the last few months iv trying lingerie and like is there ladies that can chat yo them about it

  78. Hi I’m a man that love to try on all types of lingerie I do like the feel of it but I’v found it very hard to tell my wife I like to wear it. I don’t she would understand where I am coming from when Im home I always like to dress up and have thoughts of being with another woman dressed the same and let me pamper her just if i was that other woman. It’s only dream of mine I was wondering do women think the same? I’m not gay in any way Im very straight. I guess its hard to find someone to understand me or find someone to try this on. Anyway please any ladies out care to share there thoughts.

  79. I would just like to say that I too am a 38 year old male. 100 percent straight, engaged and have 3 kids. I am a mechanic by trade and own a small contracting business as well. For the past 5 years I have been wearing panties on a daily basis. My wife is completely fine with it and very supportive. My thought and opinion on this matter is underwear are underwear. There is no law or rule that says what you have to wear under your clothes. I wear them not because I’m weird or have some strange fetish or gay tendencies but because they are extremely comfortable and soft and they feel great as well as providing ample support. It allows me to feel good about myself and to be comfortable. Men’s boxers and briefs are so plain and boring and when I sweat or get into an awkward position at work they bind up and stick to my leg so I’m constantly grabbing and digging at myself to re adjust down there. With all the different styles and materials of the ladies panties I can wear something different each day and I love them! Won’t ever go back regardless of what people say or think. What matters is that I know why I wear them and the reason and so does my fiance. So others opinion don’t bother me. And when the day comes that there curiosity gets the best of them and they put a soft silky pair of vanity fair or jockey panties then they will know and understand. So good luck to all my fellow pantie wearing brothers and don’t stop being yourself or doing what you enjoy just because someone else thinks it’s wrong or weird.

    1. Spot on Dave. I too am a straight guy with good job. I am in complete a agreement with you that the underwear is so much nicer and more comfier than ours. You also get the extra kick of knowing that your wearing it without others knowing. Its like a sexual kick that goes with the comfort and feel that you get from these great undies.

  80. My Sexy Wife is cool with me wearing my own panties. I brought it up during a sexual play time, she agreed to play with me. Turns out she’s as turned on as I am, how cool is that. She and I have a couple matching panties and night gowns. Life is good.

  81. I have been married for 33 years I love my wife more then anything in the world but was not sure how she would react to me wearing panties or nighties I hid wearing women’s lingerie for about the first 20 years of our marriage but got tired of hiding it .
    So I first started hanging up my nighties in between my clothes and I would let a little bit of it to show to see if she would say anything at the time I had about a dozen pair of panties that stayed hidden in the bottom of one of my dresser draws and two nighties.
    One day I came home and she confronted me about the nighties she asked the same questions are you gay and stuff like that which I answered no I was not I just like the comfort and feel of them and have been doing it for years so for the last 13 years I wear panties and a nightie to bed every single night, she still dose not like and she dose not want to see them hanging the closet anymore but I’m allowed to wear them to our bed and of course I have to wash them myself oh by the way I have 2 black a pink,blue,white,red purple and green nighties along with 10 pair of panties for each nightie so life is great

  82. i love wearing nighties to bed have been doing so for 5 years and she likes it. She will even tell me which nighties she likes. I have the double layer nighties with the big sweep and she doesnt mind this. I only wear the double layer nighties single layer doesnt do it for me. I have 2 blue, and a peach short gown and i only wear vanity fair full brief panties and she likes those on me so i guess iam a lucky guy.
    our marriage is good but she will tell me which nighties she likes and i love it.

  83. Hi id like to know if there is any women out there that know how i could go in finding a women that like to men dress up in ladies lingerie .i am married my wife wouldnt understand that i dress up in her lingerie i would like to find a lady that want n.s.a.f wear she can dress me up please reply and let me know cheers and have a ripper day

  84. I just love the lingerie I’ve bought from Hommemystere. I’ve been wearing stockings, which I love the feel of on my legs, for a long time now. I’m not really a crossdresser but recently I’ve been trying satins and silks and love the feel on my skin and next to my genitals. (edited)
    Thank you Hommemystere for your nice selection. I will be buying more, in fact I just placed another order. Best wishes to all. Barry

  85. I worn knickers for a lots years and now started wearing them more .l have also added bras . I go shopping in them . Meals out . And most definitely to see my mistress ,where she has made come to see her dressed in neon pink tights ,skimpy shorts and a thin ladies blouse with blue and white polka dot bra . I have just bought a neon green very short tutu for next year . I hope she will like it when she see me walking across the car park . I ring and tell her I’ve just got out of the car ,she knows to look out of the window .

  86. I wear nothing else and on occasion get fully dressed.Been wearing since childhood.Nothing matches the feel of female underwear.I will Never go back.J

  87. It is wonderful reading all the positive stories and responses. I started wearing silky nylon panties years ago then added silky nylon and lace slips, pretty bras, silky sheer stockings, and progressed to silk and satin blouses, soft silky material skirts and finally soft silky dresses. It developed gradually as I explored. The more interest I showed the greater the urge to continue to explore and experiment. I realized I had a soft feminine side and despite this I have always been a straight guy which has not changed even though I dress femininely. I decided I had to embrace the feminine side driving me because I knew it was an integral part of me and I wanted so desperately to wear panties, bras and slips and more. I just love and adore the feel of silky lingerie and female clothing and high heel shoes. I also have some feminine accoutrements I also wear when I dress up such as necklaces and bangles. My ultimate thrill is dressing up femininely and temporarily being the woman inside of me. I have a balanced life to accommodate both my masculine public and professional life as a lawyer and my soft feminine side for my private life.
    I cannot live without any of it and whilst I still envy women and the freedom they have to dress up normally and go out, I am comforted by virtue of the fact that I too can at least dress up femininely in private and enjoy the thrill and the feeling of pretty panties, lovely slips, bras, stockings and feminine clothing and shoes. The joy derived from femininity grips me joyfully and gratifyingly. I have established a fabulous wardrobe of lingerie and garments and continue adding to it always looking for new items to enjoy.

    1. What you write is very understandable. There are some men who tried their mother´s or sister´s lingerie or girdles when they were boys. Most of them did stick to their girdles. I tried my mothers´s girdles at the age of 14. I was almost hooked at once. And never gave up. During the last 20 years there was hardly a day that I did not wear a girdle. Women´s lingerie, girdles, stockings and bra are part of my daily wardrobe. And after all these years I still enjoy it. I love the support of my girdle and bra. And it is a nice ritual in the morning to don fine stockings on my freshly shaven legs. Most people may find it weird. But what is wrong if a guy wears lingerie and girdles? Life is too short to bother all the time what others might think.

  88. I’ve been wearing panties and a bra for 10 years, My wife passed away 19 months ago. I miss her support. We went shopping to get a new dress for Easter for her. I got two mini skirts a top that goes with either of them and a dress. We’ve been to the park and have a lunch there many times. Me in a mini skirt with one inch hills shoes, wig and makeup.

  89. The thing is for me, I like wearing bras and breastforms because they connect me with my softer, more feminine side, which was always denied me as I grew up. I had to be hard, tough, a man’s man and that wasn’t really me. I wasn’t in touch with my feelings, my emotions, I always felt at a disadvantage dealing with women, especially my SO’s because they knew how they felt and what they thought while it might take me days to figure out how I felt.

    Now, I’ve been a man’s man, earned my living, raised a family, had a career as a woodworker and fine finisher, bought a house and had four kids so i’m no pussy, but I’ve lost a relationship or two because I’ve been emotionally dense. Too old soon, too late smart. Got a good one now, at last!

    1. James Adams, never stop believing your Dreams can come true, because they can! You just need to get motivated again, and open your eyes, we are out here, searching for understanding, and unconditional love. Head up, bust out, smile. Peace!

  90. As excerpted (slight editing due to not being a reply) from a reply to Disne.

    My story is somewhat lengthy, but deserves to be heard, as many of these other accounts:
    I love wearing panties every day, all day… and sometimes pantyhose and thigh highs, a garter… bra and negligees and other and all forms of women’s clothing. I do enjoy crossdressing.
    Why? Because I love the feel of the silliness, lacyness, the very sexiness of it all against my skin. Because I feel sexy in it. Because I love the aspect of it being taboo! I have also purchased panties made for men as many panty cuts are not made to hold male parts. As much as I love even the very feminine made-for-men panties, they do lose a bit of that “taboo” mentality.
    I am bisexual, or in more current lingo, I am pansexual- in that I am turned on by women, by men, by cross dressers, by transsexuals including those part way through the transformation… I have no gender boundaries. I am extremely open-minded… I am not effeminate, nor am I macho.
    I am an almost 54 year old man who is engaged to a beautiful, wonderful woman who loves me for who I am.
    She fully knows that I am pan-, she fully knows that I (like far more men than I feel are willing to admit) love to wear panties, thigh highs, and other lingerie items that are meant for women, that are socially accepted as only for women.
    She supports me completely, therefore, I continue to wear my panties (and such items as thigh highs sometimes) daily. She even buys them for me. She thinks I look hot in them.
    Personally, I don’t come close to being passable as a female… I wish I could pass as one! If so, I would fully crossdress out in public on “date nights”. I know if that were possible, my Lady would be all for it and help me.
    I started into wearing panties, bras, pantyhose and sometimes even fully in dresses or a skirt and top at a very young age. I would, whenever home alone as a kid (which was okay back in those days being left home alone in preteen years) go into my Mum’s and my sisters’ underwear drawers and strip down and put on their lingerie and outfits. When I knew I’d be home alone for quite awhile, I’d walk around the house dressed to any level that way until it was time to put their clothing back as I found it. (As a side note, back then, my Mum and sisters didn’t have anything very sexy, lacy, silky, etc. it was pretty much plain-Jane cotton, etc. but that didn’t matter, though I did wish they had nicer stuff!)
    When I got a bit older, I would very often babysit my nephew for one sister. She did, by that time, get into wearing far sexier stuff. So, even though my nephew was awake, he was too young to know or care, much less say anything, the moment I knew it was safe, I would dress in my sisters lingerie and outfits and stay that way for the entire time until I knew I had to put her stuff away. As my nephew got older, I had to wait until he went to bed.
    I stopped wearing panties and all for quite a few years, because I had gotten married to a prude who wouldn’t “get it”. I did wear hers while she wasn’t home, though.
    In later years, after divorce, I began wearing panties daily, buying my own, and the occasional pantyhose. I would wear them under my clothing out and about all day every day, even at work.
    Another relationship, and lost that part of me, except wearing hers whenever I could. That relationship ended, and I began to wear them again, having taken some of hers when I left.
    A new relationship with a bisexual young girl, who knew my love of wearing her panties and all because she came home unexpectedly while I was wearing a baby doll of hers. Surprised ar first, but she quickly came to enjoy it. When we split up, she left quite a bit of her clothing at my place, which I gladly continued to wear- panties and sometimes thigh highs daily out and about and at work, and nighties and all at night when home. (My sister came to visit from Massachusetts for a few days. She saw the panties and all in my place as well as saw the erotic photos and other items I had for decor of both men and women. Didn’t seem to phase her much… LOL)
    When my Fiancee and I started talking as friends, we talked about very deep and very personal things. The fact that I am pan-, and so is she, the fact that I love to wear women’s panties and all, and so much more came up in extensive and numerous conversations. She fell in love with me for who I am, all inclusive. I have since (originally as a surprise to her), taken to shaving my legs and private parts, and keeping myself shaved. Even that feels good and enhances the feel of wearing panties….

  91. I, too, would love to become an active member of a forum where other panty-wearing, crossdressing men can talk openly to each other. Without judgment, as some may be gay, some may be bisexual and some may be pansexual as I am… while some may be so-called straight. Such a wonderful forum could also include women, so that we may hear their side of this as well! As stated, in such an open-minded forum, no judgment… just open, honest communication between the men who love to crossdress to any degree, and the women who support them, between all lifestyles and walks of life.

  92. Would love to hear more from the ladies perspective on this topic! Do you love your men in silky, sexy, lacy panties and other lingerie? How far do you like them to dress? Why do you enjoy them this way?

  93. I also am a man that loves wearing Women’s lingerie, and anything else women wear, I got rid of my men’s clothing years ago and wear women’s clothing exclusively. In our younger years I used to lay in bed and watch my wife get dressed, now we ae both retired, she lay,s in bed watching me get dressed head to foot in women’s clothing that I BOUGHT FOR ME. I like clothing for younger trendy women. I love light feeling of wearing women’s clothing.

    1. Hi Robert, I have been wearing women’s clothing full time for about 8 months. I love every aspect of the clothing, fit, feel look, etc. I started wearing undies at 13 y. Turns out I grew breasts at age 30. They have grown to now I must wear a bra for support. – Terri

  94. I wear a outside the work place . Like tonight my and I have just been to Pizza Hut and a t shirt with a bra underneath which you could see if you looked. A couple of months ago I want to hotdog restaurant in Leeds with a thin work shirt and a white bra which was very obvious to see . I had to wait for a table,so I sat to the bar and got a drink , I sat right servers station ,so they plenty of staff coming and going ,I should say most noticed my bra and a young couple noticed . I was shown to my table and I think every member of staff came over asked if everything was fine or could they get anything for me . I left at the same time as the young couple and she kept looking and smiling ,so I winked back . I felt good . Ian

  95. Almost all teens started out trying on their sister’s or mother’s panties, pantyhose, slips, bras, lingerie, perfume and so forth. I believe my older sister and even my mom learned about my fetish and i wouldn’t be surprised if they intentionally left their various wet panties and pantyhose for my personal satisfaction. I recall my sister remarking to me about my masturbation. Of course I denied any such behavior. None the less her wet pink panties and pantyhose often littered the bathroom floor. I soon “borrowed” the sexy items to facilitate my self indulgence. Mom as well had “talks” with me about the birds and bees. She said it was normal to masturbate and even admitted she once did. She admonished me for staining her expensive undies and said she would furnish items I likely would find suitable. We even went shopping although it was exciting, I was uneasy until we got home.

  96. I wear panties since I was 15 y and Now I am 42. Early years I wore others panties and now I buy them for me. Now I am married man and I have two sons. Recently I reveal my preference to my wife and She is ok with this. But she told me that it is not socially accepted behavior. So she ask me to wear only panties similar to men’s undies.

  97. Hi Wayne, I love your comments. Do you have a video website, I’d love to see your collection of lingerie and female clothing.

  98. My lovely wife has known about my crossdressing since before we married. She does not encourage me, or participate in any way. I keep my body and legs smooth shaven; and would love for my wife to encourage; even better; order me to wear sheer nylons on a regular basis for her inspection, seeing as I keep my legs so feminine. Thus; I would enjoy a dominant side to her nature.

    1. Michelle, your story is a bitter sweet one. I’m happy for you, that you are able to maintain some enjoyment as feminine as you can (keeping smooth). Your feminine side needs it’s intimate part of Love fulfilled. Hopefully, your wife will notice how happy you are, when wearing your sexy little outfits, try sharing HommeMystere with her, maybe that will heat her up. If not, life is too short, not to enjoy the touch of another. Others are out here. Peace!

  99. I’m new to this,newish..lol. My wife is struggling to understand the infatuation for me. But the feel and colours and everything about women’s underwear is so much nicer than blokes stuff. They look amazing and it feels amazing. I’ve read so much positivity about guys wearing panties,not just gay or xd but plenty of straight guys who have cleared out their underwear draw apart from the odd boxer/brief in case of a guys weekend. Then their other half’s shop with them together to enjoy the experience of buying and sometimes sharing the lovely panties. Myself though,I do have to say I’m not sure about a bra…don’t see a point,but if the wife asked or bought one for me I would give it a go. So many companies out there are missing out on a huge market. If they just thought about making the same things but for Guy’s,profits would be UP. Hommemystere should spread its wings and come to the UK. We all hope that our women will have a good time shopping for this stuff as us and it doesn’t have to be a dirty little secret anymore.

  100. Hi, my name is Pete and for me it all started way back around the age of 13, started of with my sister’s panties, bathing suit’s, not really into the full crossdressing thing tge odd skirt or dress here and there mostly it’s panties, thongs, g-stings. I also like corsets, bustier’s, chemises, teddies you get the idea. Lucky for me I am of a small build and small package so most female panties and other clothing fit well, I love silk and satin like most of you do. So after stubbling upon this site and looking at everything available I must all the stuff looks very comfy and all, I’m said to say there is really only to thing I would consider buy from homme and those would be the katie panties and the Katie romper as they are completey made of silk all the other stuff,not enough silk for me, would also purchase the Katie teddie with garters if you made it. Anyways that’s my two bits. I would also like to congradulate all the guys that have managed to tell partner about their prefrence that takes alot of nerve to do that, I have yet to grow the parts to tell my other half about this almost got busted once by a surprise visit from her so cudos to you Cheers! L

    1. Beautiful story Pete, I can relate 100%. Enjoy life the best you can, and if you have a fantasy, carefully work on making it come true. Life indeed, is too short. There is someone out there, wanting the same intimate satisfaction. Peace!

  101. I like wearing gstrings, thongs and crotchless panties cause they’re not only comfortable but we men want to feel sexy too! Why is it ok for women to wear our boxers but its complete taboo for us to wear their panties? They are just f***n underwear no matter how you look at it!!!

  102. Hi! I personally have a collection of my lingerie. At first when my wife discovered it she was quite shocked and asked me a number of times if I am gay. And of course I told her that I am damn straight and just love to wear sexy lingeries. Now I could buy my own lingerie and even show it to her. I prefer to buy seamless lingeries because it feels soft and doesn’t have..

      1. I totally get where your coming from on purchasing lingerie, it was the scariest thing I ever did when I bought my every first items. I look back at it now and not one person questioned me when I bought it, I think thats what made it feel easier to me. I have be wearing lingerie in private for 13yrs, I am now married with two kids. I just resently told my wife that I like the feel of lingerie. she is still getting used to the idea and seeing my in it, she is the most understanding person you will ever meet. I hope this helps you out.

      2. Dare! Go to a shop and talk to the lady and just mention you believe you are a XD, and need her help to select the right size. It worked for me. Brás, bodies, panties and she even help me go the other shop to buy the right size lady bathing custom

  103. i love wearing lingerie but wish my wife would accept it also i would like to wear basque and suspender belt with stockings but dernt incase she says out , reason i love lace love the feel of it against my skin also stockings espec silk ones just love them on my skin ,, but dernt go to shop and buy stockings wish my wife would get me a pair but that wont happen 🙁

    1. Hi Dean, Dean here, I too love the feel of soft silky materials against my skin, my wife has bought me panties before, and I have worn her things, panties, bras, babydoll nighty, teddies everything she has, it is fun

  104. Straight Man Divorced. I have always loved the looked of women’s lingerie, I could get off to the old Sears catalog. I really didn’t start wearing women’s lingerie until my ex ignored me as a man, I would have done anything to please her. Online sex was visual and naked, I never encouraged the young, I wanted the woman, only a woman understood experience. Once I was divorced I really started my online shopping, I could get whatever I wanted. Usually being single it can get lonely, but I found that having a very naughty sexual partner who always wanted to please me was very exciting. I did have a relationship with another women who lead me to believe she received pleasure not just performance. I don’t have much trust in woman, they think and analize too much, Listen to this Guys, women never stop thinking, ask them and ask them to ask there women friend. Most men can and do shut down, when we are saying ” We are not thinking of nothing, It’s the Truth, not with women. Sorry women, be truthful to yourself, understand you roll, women are always attentive to the needs of a infant. even if there is none.
    A Man View


  105. Right there too. Mid 30s, straight, and love wearing panties. No desire to be full-on cross dresser, just panties. Meh, bras do nothing for me. Tried purging all panties a few times, but eventually buy more. I’m finally at a point where I’ve accepted. Life is too short to deprive myself of something that isn’t hurting anyone, including myself! Reading forums like this have helped me accept who I am and that it’s not as unusual as some might think.

    I started at age 5 with my sister’s.. I’ve always had what would now be called some minor gender dysphoria. Ya know, wanted to play with dolls instead of GI Joe, would rather go to the ballet than watch a sport-ball game, etc. But that said, I’m definitely a man and am happy being one.

    I had three past relationships where my GFs knew and were OK with it. One embraced it and liked to go shopping together. The other two tolerated it, but it didn’t make them all hot or anything, and they never bought me any. I’ve always had a “these are my panties, and those are yours” sorta rule with them.

    Started dating a new girl about a year ago and still haven’t completely come out about it. I have plenty of men’s underwear that is thinner and skimpier briefs, but aren’t novelty or overly femme looking. She did comment about one pair saying that when sorting laundry, she at first thought they were her panties! So I’m laying the groundwork.. I do have a couple neutral color panties that I’ve thrown into the rotation and worn right in front of her, but have made sure I do the laundry afterwards. I’m worried she’ll notice the gusset.

    On that note, I’ve been wondering if I should come out and just say something, or purposefully let her find out on her own. I only somewhat accidentally left a black pair of panties I had worn the day before and slept in on the bathroom floor after showering. They ended up in the laundry bin, so either she didn’t notice a gusset, or just didn’t say anything.

    Like others have said, I don’t think I could be closeted forever. I’m hitting that point in the relationship where if this is a deal breaker for her, it would be best to move on.

  106. My man is a great guy, wonderful husband, fantastic father, very male – but when our kids were all grown and gone, we had all kinds of freedom to experiment with all our alone time at the house. I love to pamper myself with scented bubble baths, shave my legs, moisturize, do my nails, and wear fun sexy panties, bras, camisoles, nighties and lace thigh-highs (sometimes garters). It was fun to include him on the pampering, then have him try just panties, or a cami. Then he was okay with a cute bra and full slip. In time it was okay to shave his legs silky smooth and he loved wearing lace top thigh-highs. Now he has all his own lingerie drawer and relaxing around the house has never been better!!

    1. Sounds nice. Your husband is a lucky guy. Our story is a bit different. I cared for my figure and weight my whole life. My hubby didn´t. He gained weight. And we had to do something about it. So I made him wear a girdle. Although he was reluctant to the idea, after a while he gave in. The first girdle I bought him was a hwll panty girdle. I let him wear the girdle during the weekend. After a few weeks he had to wear it every day. All I can say is it worked. He lost weight not only due to the girdle. He began with exercise too. It did some time to get used to girdle wearing. But he did. Then he tried an obg and stockings. Over time he developed a passion for girdles. I made him wear panties too. That was almost 15 years ago. He became – like me – a serious girdle wearer. The last 15 years there was hardly a day where he did not wear girdle and stockings. And with the exception of the time he spends on his job he has to wear a longline bra too. His whole posture improved. At home we often just wear our bra and girdles. Aside from going to the doctor he does never wear anything else than women´s lingerie. .

  107. I have always had a affinity for lingerie. I’m 59 married, I bought my wife lots of lingerie, we used to be about same size so I could wear her things. One day I got in her drawer and put on a show for her, she didn’t mind to much, said we could share, I was excited. I asked her to buy me my own panties and she actually did, that’s why I love her. Well fast forward to now, she is now she is not so fond, she had gotten bigger and outgrew her lingerie and doesn’t want to wear them now. Yep my luck, we sleep in different rooms so I wear in private, she knows but. Well today I came out for coffee in a flowery robe and a panty of hers that was too small for her. She said robe too fem but I could keep and wear the panty. Well it’s a good thing she doesn’t catch me in the bedroom, I nightgowns, robes, cami and tap pants, and large collection of panties that I wear and play in. I just needed r some of this to come out and be honest, I told her I wanted something cute and sexy for Valentine’s. What I wish for is a new babydoll nighty, my fav, I love to wear hers that don’t fit. So what I want to say is, lingerie makes me feel sexy, horny and playfully that’s what it should do.

  108. My girlfriend recently bought me the Nadia nightie, bra and panties. I just love the feel of them, and she loves the feel of me in them! Its a win/win situation! I have plenty of panties, bras and lingerie made for women, but this HommeMystere stuff feels awesome! I have already ordered more, and will most definitely be getting more as time goes on. Have a girlfriend who encompasses, accepts and encourages me to wear lingerine around the house is absolutely fantastic. I am 61 and she is 52 in you were wondering! Such a great way to live life, carefree and dont care what anyone says! This is the life for me.

  109. I’ve been ‘interested’ in lingerie from a pre adolescent age right through to my current 60’s. My wife has accommodated some degree of my panty and stockings wearing over nearly 40 years but has never been the initiator or expressed any form of encouragement during that time.

    To be honest I find the wearing of womens panties arousing on several levels, not just the feel of the fabric which provides a constant masturbatory sensation due to the fabric and cut making no allowance for male anatomy, but also the cerebral titillation of knowing I am doing something somewhat perverse in wearing apparel designed for the intimate anatomy of the opposite sex. I think this cerebral side has also always provided me some degree of mental stress relief.

    By the look of the majority of responses here I may be unusual but the biggest issues for me in wearing panties is not having sufficient coverage to contain my equipment and more seriously the fact that the gusset absorbancy material is in a useless location for practical purposes of the male. So aside from wearing the occasional slinky panties for the pronounced masturbatory effect, I find the most appealing designs are cotton high cut styles that provide at least a little absorbancy in the front panel. The masturbatory effect is also far more satisfactory if the panties are my wife’s.

    I suppose if I were a girl the nearest comparably sensation might be to go around wearing ben wa balls.

  110. I love wearing women`s lingerie, my favorite is thongs! But love stockings, teddy`s, all clothes, dresses etc…. also wearing wigs. They all make me feel sexy, but I can not tell my girlfriend because she definitely would not understand, I also have fantasies about women using toys on me. I do have a close friend that totally gets this and is willing to help me fulfill all of this, she even gave me the name i`m using.

  111. I have been wearing lingerie since I was a teenager I like the feel of nylon panties and bras aganist my skin it makes me feel sexy. My wife likes the feel fo it on me and the way it looks on me

  112. I have worn womens underwear for years it is so comfottable. But now i found Hommemystere underwear and i love it, not to mention it drives my girlfriend crazy.
    It is so comfortable so far i have seven bra and undies sets and i will keep buying until i have them all. Then i will start collecting the lingerie.

  113. just got my bra and panty set. love the feel and comfort. mywife supports my desire to wear them and maybe a little more. looking forward to a sexy nightgown

  114. eu uso , a mais de 20 anos , calcinhas , meia calça , bodystocking , body , macacão lingerie …minha gaveta é bem completa , adoro e amo , causam sensações bem gostosas . de carinho , amor e sexualidade !

  115. It’s very informative. I have also a pair of mens lingerie and I like them. My girlfriend recently bought designer lingerie for me. It offers different and sexy look. Keep it up

  116. Great posts here
    I ve finally gone all in, actually a few years back. I finally accepted that one : i like wearing lingerie and two: it’s different but not wrong. Homme Mystere helped because it made me realize that lingerie made for men is not crossdressing! Also I realized theu lots of research and thought that after 45 yrs of wearing lingerie I did not need to be a woman to do so; i m not attracted to men and i dont want to be a woman. There are so many men who like me make the mistake of thinking if i m wearing women’s underwear or dresses and heels i have to be trans or fluid or some version there of. Now if u are go for it. But if u r not, be the man that you are and indulge in lingerie. Its fun its sexy it feels good. Now i do wear women’s jeans sweaters bras panties body suits heels but i don’t transform into a woman. Thats not me!
    So guys go for it theres nothing wrong with it

  117. I was about 13 years old when I was first fascinated with nylon panties. Like most of us guy’s, I was brought up wearing thick cotton tighty-whiteies. They felt just like a thick diaper. That all changed when I was given the chore of bringing in all the laundry from the clothes line, prior to leaving for school. That was the first time I had ever touched mom’s and both sisters nylon panties and I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember rubbing them against my face and nose. I was hooked!! At school, I didn’t learn a thing that day because I kept looking at the clock, waiting to get home and further explore my new found treasure! Back in the day, mom’s & both sisters all wore nylon panties and they had a double layer of real nylon in the gusset. They did not have the cotton lining they have now day’s. With little pubic hair at the time, the crotch of their panties felt so silky against my privates! One of my sisters wore them Day’s of The Week panties and I would wear them to school. On certain day’s, I would have to get them from the clothes hamper in order for them to match that day of the week. For that very reason, I ALWAYS REMOVE the cotton lining from my new panties prior to wearing them. If women’s panties were made of cotton only, I never would have been attracted to them. Nylon, silky and microfiber panties are such a turn on, that I don’t even own any men’s under wear like I was brought up to wear. I love the sheer and sexy styles from Homme Mystere as well as most women’s nylon panties. While over seas with the military, my high school sweetheart would send me a pair of her nylon panties when ever I would ask her for them. I should say that I always keep my privates shaved as it enhances the feel of the silky nylon, like when I was a youngster! I have actually started wearing pink, lace, panties with purple ( my most favorite color ) flowers!! A guy can NEVER have too many nylon panties!!!

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