Planning a showroom

I had my first meeting with interior designers Leonie and Theresa yesterday.  The ladies are coming up with designs for our showroom and yesterday was an opportunity to see if we are on the same train of thought.

Fortunately we’re thinking along the same lines.  I want a luxurious feel, comfortable environment and shades that show off our lingerie that can’t be appreciated in online photos.

If you want to see the style I like and where we’re heading, just visit our Pinterest Page and specifically the Store Ideas board.  It will provide a guide to what we are thinking.

As a trial, we will generally open the showroom by appointment only.  This will allow clients time and privacy to peruse the range and experience the various styles at leisure.  If the service proves to be popular, we will extend opening hours to accommodate as required.

Of course we still have to build the showroom so check back from time to time to see how we’re progressing.  We have a few fun ideas to make the experience even better but you will just have to wait to find out about those!  Can’t spoil all the surprises. 🙂

Leave a comment and tell us what you would love to see in a lingerie boutique!