What lingerie does the designer have in his draw?

One question I get asked quite often is ‘which is your favourite’?

I’m sure everyone opens their undie draw each day, checks to see what’s available, then gravitates towards a ‘favorite’ pair of undies, panties or bra. ?Because there’s something about a favourite pair that reflects the mood you might be in that day.

If you’re off to work and know you have a big day ahead of you, you might just want something comfortable that fits well and you know isn’t going to give you any trouble.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling a bit toey in the morning, feeling relaxed and a bit sexy, you might go for something colorful that has a slightly different cut around the bum or perhaps a thong.

Having a ‘date night’ with your partner or heading out in the hope you might get lucky, then something that gets you in the mood and keeps you there might be called for.

Either way, we all have a few ‘best and fairest’ in the underwear draw and I’m no different.

So my high circulation underwear generally consists of the following-

PinStripe – I love the brief in these so much I actually have 3 pairs in circulation. ?They double as swimwear as well so are pretty handy in the tropics of Australia when in and out of the pool! ?The cut is slightly larger than the Rose so it’s not overly brief and they are underwear you can put on and forget. ?They are the ‘workhorse’ in the underwear draw.

Rose – These are one of our earliest releases and has been replenished twice. ?The panties I have are the original sample which are now over two years old! ?Brief, lightweight and thin, they are always near the top of the list.

Sheer – The Sheer has a look that is actually pretty mainstream with the only hint that it’s anything different being the small hint of pink lace. ?I like these as they are a fairly normal pattern and the sheer fabric means there is plenty of air circulating around the package. ?Good, honest fun undies.

Candy – I love this style. ?The pattern, along with the fabric color and the lace sides makes these stand out every time I look in the draw. ?If you want to surprise your man with some comfy undies that will bring a smile to the dial every time he puts them on, these are the ones!

Frill Panty – I’m not sure why, but this one isn’t as popular as the thong yet I personally believe it’s the most comfortable panty we have made. Ever! ?Without a doubt, this is my favorite as they have a bit of a frill, yet are super comfortable. ?It might just be a personal preference for the full bum pattern, but they are, in my own opinion, the best.

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