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So I’m perusing the web and stumble across the blog post at the Lingerie Addict?and felt the need to respond. ?My reply wasn’t meant to offend anyone and if it did, well I apologise.

The transcript of my response is below.

“Strangely enough, and though I’m loathe to repeat myself, we never set out to challenge anyone or anything at any time. HommeMystere began simply because I couldn’t find lingerie that I liked and that would fit comfortably enough that it could be worn for more than ten minutes without becoming unbearable.
Despite the assertion that ‘men who crossdress get all this beautiful lingerie to choose from’, the reality is simply not true. Sure there’s plenty of beautiful lingerie about but very little of it will actually fit a guy!
The reality is the market for men’s lingerie is small, even on a global scale. All our garments are manufactured to the highest quality / best price matrix that I think is reasonable based on the anticipated demand for each new line.
I can only imagine how tiny the trans women market must be for lingerie. I suspect it would not be remotely viable as a business based on the required economies of scale to establish and grow a new business.
As the owner of HommeMystere, I have never pretended to do anything other than create lingerie that fits men. Nothing more and nothing less. The reason we target our lingerie towards men is because that is the market I understand. I am my own best customer because I have been doing this for 30 years before starting the business. It would be remiss of me to advertise towards the transgender community when I have no knowledge of that market.
As for the criticism of Chrysalis, I think it reflects a deep lack of understanding about business ? on the part of the customers. I have never been in touch with the owners of Chrysalis but I feel they have been treated quite harshly by the customer group they are trying to serve. Rather than criticise the Label, perhaps some support and constructive advice would help all achieve their goals. A viable business and nice lingerie!
I certainly take a conciliatory approach with our own customers because they are like family to me. We share the love of lingerie and while I get to make the final decision, if I have a question on anything from style to color to name, I know I can ask several thousand customers and receive a considered response.
The trans community needs to speak up a little louder, start something for themselves or support businesses like Chrysalis that are trying to break new ground.
As for the whole rude ignorant salesperson at the lingerie store, we’ve all encountered that kind of thing. There are plenty of store owners that are more than happy to address whatever your requirements. You just have to keep looking until you find the right one.
I am in this business because I absolutely love lingerie. Everything from the design phase to the samples, photographs to conversing with the guys. I do it because I love it and each new sale is a vindication that the first few years of struggle and criticism from the naysayers was worth it. To Chrysalis, Herroom?and any others in a niche market having a go, I say good on you and I hope you have every success.”

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  1. Steve’s Comment copied here from previous post by admin

    I’m a fan of the lingerie addict and read some of the blogs they publish and yesterday 11/11/14 was an interesting blog about men that wear lingerie as well as trans gendered individuals. I will only speak for myself as a man who wears lingerie. Brent posted what I thought was a very insightful article about his as well as my and I’m sure many others struggle to find lingerie that fits the male body. I for one am just a guy who wants pretty lingerie as part of my wardrobe and see no reason why I can’t have it. I own several bras made by Homme Mystere and enjoy wearing them because they fit. I look forward to the new items that come out every so often in hopes of finding new lingerie that suits my choice of style in lingerie. I also think that Brent makes a very good point about the business part of all this. Companies that make lingerie for women have been around for a loooong time and certainly have a market for it whereas lingerie for men is a more recent thing and hasn’t got the customer base to support producing all kinds of lingerie with men in mind….yet.
    Just wanted to put my two cents worth in about the subject and say thanks to HommeMystere for giving men a choice of pretty underwear.

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